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Shadowhunters "Mea Maxima Culpa" (Season 2B Premiere) Episode Recap

Downworlders aren't happy with what happened after the attack from Valentine destroying half of Luke's pack.

Jace is blaming himself for what happened to the downworlders. It isn't really his fault. But that's just him being him. He just learned about his angel blood, so of course he doesn't know what will change in him because of it. It did one good thing though, it made it so Simon could walk in the sun. What was the flashback of? Of Valentine as a kid perhaps, when he was getting questioned and tortured by the boss lady? This guy who's killing all these people is way way creepy.

Izzy is coming off of her vampire blood high. Emeraude's acting was on point in this scene. She did amazing, I thought. I just love her and Alec's relationship. He's really there for her no matter what. Luke's pack is questioning his leadership skills and they are wanting to challenge him. Glad Luke hopefully put a stop to that. He also has a new partner on the police force. Which doesn't seem to be going well for him. Is it because of what happened to the last one or does Luke just not open up? I also do love the fact that Clary, Jace and Alec were at that one crime scene. Though no one could see them, it was still a nice touch to add. But I don't trust Luke's new partner. Izzy makes me so sad. I just want her to be strong and break this habit of hers, but it probably isn't as easy as I think it is. I want the old Izzy back! Enter Sebastian to save Izzy!

Ok, for those who have read the books, you'll know why I'm on the fence on liking Sebastian. But man, did they cast him well! And having that accent? Way to go Freeform! I won't say much to spoil it for people, but yeah, I'll just leave it at that. No one knows yet that Simon can walk out in the sun. That is, except for Jace and Clary. Now Maia knows and thinks that Simon should rub it in their faces and let them know he can have a normal life. Not what I would do in my book because they are vampires and know how to hurt Simon, but still, Simon should be enjoying his new found freedom. When Magnus immediately knows the demon they are after and says it's like the worst thing ever, that's a bad thing. How did it come to the city? And finally, the best news ever! Though I wish it didn't come from Valentine, but Clary now knows that she isn't related to Jace.

However, her reaction came as a surprise to me. She's actually mad that Jace didn't tell her right away about the news. But I see where he's coming from too. Clary is happy right now, he doesn't want to mess up what's going on for her. But he totally needed to hear what Clary said to him. May not have been the nicest thing to say, but Jace can't bottle up his feelings.

Sebastien is amazing with Izzy. Helping her get down from her high and everything. Raphael is quick to notice Simon's acting different and wants to know what happened. But like Simon promised Jace, he kept his secret. That would be bad news for both of them. Magnus summoned the demon that is killing all those people. Not the best idea in the world. But it did let Jace realize what his angel gift was though.

I knew the minute I saw Magnus, something was off with him. At the end, we find out why. The demon switched bodies with him?! I already want Magnus back! They better get him back!