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Scorpion "Extinction" (Season Premiere) Episode Recap

Mark again, seriously? I guess they can never get rid of this guy, can they?

At first, I thought maybe, just maybe, Mark had changed. But no then I began to agree with Happy. Mark hasn't changed. Especially when he mouthed off to Paige, twice! I so wanted to punch him in the face both times he talked to Paige. More so the second time because he was down right rude to her.

I for one, loved the musical number. I wasn't sure how it was going to work in to the show, but I loved it none-the-less. Maybe because that's how happy Walter was feeling. That he just couldn't put it into words. I think that's why he was stalling. Plus, these are all new things he's experiencing with Paige. So she should realize that he can't just blurt out how he is doing after certain things.

So according to Mark, he's discovered that the earth is going to become extinct in about a month give or take, because something in Norway moved and is now leaking gas into the air. So, let's just take a guy who almost destroyed Walter in general and tried to kill Toby out of jail to help us save the world. Sounds about right on a Scorpion team, huh? 

I don't know if Mark really truly wanted to escape, but come on. The first time, probably, since he "forgot" about the ankle monitor, but then the other time? I think that probably was part of his plan once he got out, but he never actually got to go through with it. Which is good. I, personally, wouldn't want him on the loose again.

I felt bad for Sylvester. At first, I just thought he was upset about his obituary only saying that he hadn't accomplished much. But I thought it was so totally sweet that it ended up being about Megan! I'm glad that they still mention her once in a while. It's annoying in shows if someone dies or moves away and they never, ever, mention them again.

I was so hoping at the end that someone was bound to look down and be like "Oh, here's the ring!", but I guess it's something that he had to lose forever. I felt so bad for him and it's so cute that he held on to it for so long, but still, it's sad that that part of their marriage is now gone.

From Mark getting out to help them, to him accidentally pushing Toby into the icy cold water and then almost dying, I'm not sure how I feel about Mark now. Is he good or bad or just trying to be good to maybe get out early or what is his play here? I should probably go with my first extinct and not trust him.