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Bull "A Business of Favors" Episode Recap

A frat party hazing gone awry leads to Bull's newest case.

Jason gets a special case this week. It's a favor from the judge herself! Little do we know that this is in fact her son that she is just trying to help. When Jason meets Richmond for the first time, that's when things get interesting.

Richmond is arrogant and wants to win big and won't take help from anybody. He is so by the book that he can't even handle the poor client who is broken up about her son having drowned and all she wants to know is how did this even happen and he can't even begin to tell her anything to ease her mind. That's when Jason steps in right then and there to help figure out what really happened that night.

Though it was sad and awful what happened, this actually ended up being one of my favorite cases Jason has done. It wasn't as easy as just going in the normal way. They had to figure out a different way on how to get one of these boys to crack. Jason knew there had to have been a ring leader in this whole thing. He just had to find out who it was.

First, they had to figure out who the weakest link was and who had to remember the most out of the story that the boys were told to say. We finally find out who the ring leader was and then the mother gets put on the stand to try to break this case before the judge throws it out completely.

It ended up being Logan. Logan always looked forward to doing his own hazing on some scared newbies because of all the awesome stories he heard from his brothers. I think this kid needs a taste of his own medicine. Hazing is not fun and I think Logan totally learned his lesson on to never do this again. It was only an accident. Yes, an accident that probably could have been prevented, but an accident none-the-less.

Marissa is MIA at her job and Jason does not like her not being there. He depends on her so much that he's starting to get distracted. Could they just be really close friends, or could my theory of them actually having feelings for each other be true? It totally looks like Marissa is seeing someone, she just doesn't want to tell anybody. Or just doesn't want to tell Jason. Still, she has to be careful or else Jason is going to get more mad at her then he already is.

Side Notes:

  • Personally, I would have loved to have seen the judges' reaction when Jason was done helping out her son. I don't think we will ever know, but it would have been cool to see.
  • Marissa is probably my favorite and though I do kind of ship her and Jason together, I do kind of hope we find out who her mysterious someone is. 
  • I'm glad the rest of the kids got in trouble for being in on the kid dying and not saying anything about it to anyone.
  • I felt really bad for Jason when he walked into work that night and didn't find Marissa. He was so happy to talk to her, but you could tell he was so sad that she wasn't there.
  • What did you think of this episode?