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Bull "School for Scandals" (Season Premiere) Episode Recap

We all love a good scandal.

And a scandal is what we got.  Miss Kiera Clayton is claiming her husband tried to kill her when she didn't do something he asked that is in their prenup. But Jason always knows when someone is lying and he knows that Kiera is up to something.

It makes matters worse when Jason's girlfriend, Diana (who I don't like, not sure why though), goes on the defense side and tries to win a big case and get her name out there. Diana of all people should know that Jason can not back out of already accepting a job offer. Plus, he knows that this lady is guilty and he wants to prove that right.

In a way, it would be kind of nice to see Jason go on the wrong side for once, to spice things up. But it is still cool how he does everything and makes everything turn out just right. I'm still not sure how he does it, but he does it and is right every single time. I would hate going up against someone like that.

I do love this show, but I still feel like it's lacking a personal touch on the characters. I even feel like we don't know much about Jason, but maybe that'll be different this season. It's only season 2 episode 1, so who knows how they changed this season. I would just like to get to know his team members too. 

One of the things I loved about this episode, is that Jason will do anything for his team. Even saying how he doesn't want to loose Chunk because he wants to go to law school (which is very cool! I could see him being good) and making the case all about Chunk and if Bull wins, Chunk will be able to stay. Which Jason won of course, so Chunk was able to stay.  Plus, he was all able to give his team members a well deserved bonus check.

So yeah, in the end, Jason proved that Kiera stabbed herself and killed her husband all because she'd get a huge payout in the end. It always comes down to money, doesn't it?