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MacGyver "DIY or Die" (Season Premiere) Episode Recap

Mac is back!

The hunt for Murdoc and now Mac's dad is under way. Hunting Murdoc takes them all over the world and still no leads as to where this guy is at. He is good at hiding, I'll give him that one.

Bozer is healing quite nicely. I still think he did the wheelchair thing with Riley on purpose. Nice to see them be friends, but I still think Bozer has feelings for Riley. I just don't know if they will ever be returned. Which totally sucks. I've been on that side one too many times.

Welcome new team member, Samantha Cage! Is it wrong that I kind of liked her instantly? At first, I thought that their case on finding a missing seal, Diaz, was going to be something shady, but I'm glad that it ended up being just that. A missing seal that they had to find out if he was truly alive or not. In the end of the episode, Matty offered Sam a job at Phoenix. She seems like an interesting character. Can't wait to learn more about her! Oh and her friend, Diaz really did end up being alive and it was so amazing seeing him be reunited with his family after 2 years!

The only thing that I didn't enjoy about this episode, was the action sequence on the motorbike thing that they were on. Sure, it was fun and exciting, but it was so totally fake and you could tell. Just a little disappointed in the CGI department on that. 

But other then that, it was so fun to have this cast back together again. Jack is still afraid to talk about Cairo, but didn't we back in season one if my memory serves me correctly? I'm not sure how he feels about Sam, either. He was very on again off again about that whole thing. Which makes me wonder, does he, perhaps, like her? 

Ok, I kind of figured that once Mac said that all they found in the last place they searched for his dad, was the watch, I knew that had to be some sort of clue. Especially since the watch meant so much to his dad. He wouldn't just leave that behind. Then to have that picture of Mac when he was 10 is a total clue and it's a puzzle I can't wait to find pieces to!