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MacGyver "Muscle Car + Paper Clips" Episode Recap

Mac and the team have to break into a casino.

This episode felt very Ocean's Eleven to me and I for one loved it! I loved all their undercover titles that they went in as. It was a bit different from past episodes. It wasn't an easy quick fix. Ok, their cases are never easy, but I just felt like it was one thing after another that they had to figure out instead of just a couple things to get through.

Their new mission is, is that they have to break into a casino and steal diamonds before Red Fist, a new terrorist group, gets their hands on the items. Seems pretty simple at first until they actually get to the place.

That's when Riley learns that the whole system she has to break into, has been newly updated. They didn't even let anyone know of this newly updated equipment and now they have to really think on their feet to figure out another way in.

I loved having all the team together on a mission again. It's nice to have everybody play a role. Even Bozer was in on it this time. We need to have more cases like this one.

The lady in charge of the casino is good. She can spot a lie a mile away and she picks up on the fact that Jack isn't who he said he is and Sam isn't either. But in the end, the lady in charge ended up being somewhat appreciative. 

The bad guys also have a small nuclear bomb that they set off once they were done exchanging money for diamonds and such. So, Mac had to figure out how to get rid of that without killing a million people in the process. That's why the lady in charge of the place ended up being somewhat grateful to the team. However, she lost her vault with all the money in it and she wasn't too thrilled about that.

Sam is quick to point out that the Phoenix is a family. She knows who all the roles are that they play, but she doesn't quite know where she fits in herself. Until Mac realizes that she's the new kid that everybody loves right away "the girl next door". And I totally agree with Mac on that one.

Side Notes:

  • In the beginning of the episode, Mac had to kind of destroy the watch he had from his dad. But he found a clue. I'm hoping he kept that part in order to search out what it meant.
  • Poor Jack, everybody else had a cool identity, except for him. I felt kind of bad for him.
  • Jack got frost bite on his bottom and that's what they were teasing him about in the end of the episode. Looking at baby pictures.
  • Could that have just been a sweet friend moment between Mac and Sam or something more?
  • What did you think about this episode?