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MacGyver "Roulette Wheel + Wire" Episode Recap

Riley's first solo mission doesn't go as planned.

Very exciting episode for Riley. I'm glad she finally got her first go at in field work. Though it didn't go quite as planned, but it was still very exciting. I wonder if Bozer will ever get a shot like this or if he'll forever stay in the science lab making masks?

Riley goes undercover as, well, herself, in order to help hackers kill the Sec Nav! Ok, we don't know what was going to happen until she actually got the job and started to work for them, but they go about it kind of in a clever way.

No one knows that the Sec Nav has a pace maker. But this group of hackers somehow figured it out and want to hack into it to make it look like they killed him on accident. Well, they kind of succeed a little bit, but Mac is to the rescue as always and saves Sec Navs life.

But it wasn't as easy as it sounds. First, they are having to hold back a very overprotective Jack on Riley. He almost blew her cover quite a few times before Matty told Jack enough is enough and he has to sit this one out. Thank goodness. Though I do love seeing Jack as a father figure to her, it was kind of getting a bit annoying. Riley can take care of herself and she isn't afraid to ask for help, either.

So, enter in Sam. Who I am loving, btw. She's really amazing at how she reads people. Her job was interrupted because she had to go fill in for Jack who is put off the case. But this is when Sam can see Mac really work on stuff and I love seeing new people's reactions when it comes to the stuff he has to create in order to save their lives.

Jack did have a reason to be nervous about Riley. She is still acting weird about killing that guy last season. Which is understandable. She hasn't talked about it and she's freezing up. At the end, she finally does realize that she has to talk about what happened with killing someone. Having to do that can't be easy and keeping it bottled up is not healthy. I'm glad she finally realized that she needed to talk to someone.

Side Notes:

  • No mention of the hunt for Mac's father in this episode.
  • Bozer was nominated to lie to Sam to see how good she really is. But it's Jack who's gonna have to watch his back now because of it.
  • I loved seeing them hang out outside of work. That was a nice change of pace.
  • Sam is going to fit in quite nicely with the team and if she is no love interest for anyone, I'd be ok with that. But let's just say, I won't be surprised if that does happen.
  • What did you think of Riley's first solo mission?