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MacGyver "X-Ray + Penny" Episode Recap

Mac's nemesis, Murdoc, is back and ready for revenge.

In the beginning, Mac is searching anywhere and everywhere for his father. This time, the lead takes him to Paris and Jack isn't thrilled that Mac left without him. Mac wants to do this alone, but he needs to realize that he can't be alone. Sure Mac can take care of himself, but it's always nice to have that extra back up there. But Jack goes back home after having a little feud with Mac.

Next time, Mac needs to realize Jack is right before anything bad happens. Because surprise, Mac gets kidnapped right when he gets home. By Murdoc! The worst of the worst enemies! What does this crazy guy have in mind for Mac? Jack is now blaming himself that something bad happened to Mac. But Jack doesn't know either, what would have happened if he was there when it happened.

Glad we never really actually found out. Yep, even though Mac was drugged, he still managed to escape. I thought it was way too easy. Surely, Murdoc who knows Mac better then anybody (or so he claims) would have thought of a better way to hold Mac, but no, he actually did end up getting out. I was surprised it wasn't a trick. 

So, now that Mac is back, he wants to figure out where he was being held. Thanks to Sam, he was able to do just that and they go back to the scene of the crime. It looked like Murdoc had some pretty awful torture methods set up for Mac, so glad he got out of there.

According to Murdoc, Sam has a very shady past and may be lying about who she really is. Man, just when I was beginning to like her too. Let's just hope that she's someone who turned good or someone that isn't out to get the team or something. I'm intrigued to find out more about that though. I'm surprised Murdoc didn't blurt that out when he called Matty and Riley.

I first thought that Bozer had a good idea about who this Henry Fletcher guy was. That he was going to be a teacher to Murdoc's son (who is the real reason why he kidnapped Mac, to try to get his son out of wherever they have him). But no ones guess came close to what Henry really was. A hitman! I did find it strange that Murdoc was targeting Henry who seemed to be like a normal, sweet teacher. But looks can be deceiving, that's for sure.

Let's just say a car chase happened, that ended with a big accident at the end that Matty wasn't too thrilled about. Ok, no one got hurt and they got Henry, but Matty still wasn't happy about the damaged cars.

I knew this was going to be to be continued. Though it didn't have to say it at the end, this is far from over. Murdoc ends up blowing up the car that is carrying Mac and the team plus Henry. All to get Henry out and to help Murdoc with something. Now the team is trapped in a car getting ready to blow up while Henry and Murdoc drive away.

Side Notes:

  • I wonder if Matty knows about who Sam really is? Matty seems to be pretty smart when it comes to that stuff. Then again, Sam looked like she didn't want anybody to know.
  • Flashback in the beginning of the episode of the time right after his father left. Getting the pocket knife for the first time and wondering why his dad left and hoping to find him one day.
  • Does Mac's father want to be found or is he in trouble and needs help or did he run away to protect his family? All questions I'm curious to find out.
  • Bozer will stick with Mac no matter what. Sure he knows who Murdoc is, but when Mac is in trouble, Bozer wants to be there to help. Love that about him!
  • I am still loving all the little titles they put after they say where they are. Nice little humor there.
  • Loved the nicknames Jack had for Murdoc. 
  • Speaking of Jack, is it bad that I just now realized he got a hair cut? Looks much better like this.
  • Though I love the fact that Bozer and Riley can be friends now, I do kind of miss when Bozer had feelings for her.
  • What did you think of tonight's episode?