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NCIS "Exit Strategy" Episode Recap

A joint investigation leads them to a cold case episode and a supposed dead cop.

So, we open up on a stake out happening. One that Nick looks very annoyed to be apart of. If I was with Nick, I'm not sure how I'd react either. Sure the gadgets Miles had were fun, but if he was talking none stop, which is what it sounded like he was doing, I'd get pretty annoyed too. Then, he had to go and not take Nick's back when back up came. Sure, Nick stepped away, but Miles should have come, so why didn't he?

For a while, it looked like he had been kidnapped. Until they found proof that a cop came to him at the scene that was supposed to be dead. Which leads to their very plot for the episode. How is this lady still alive when she supposedly died in a ship bomb? 

Well, the answer is pretty simple, she faked her death. Not because she was in trouble. Well, she kind of was, but because she saw her out and took it. She had had an affair, you see and the father didn't know and she was also worried about how they'd react when they found out. To keep the child safe, she decided to ditch her old life and create a new one. But on the ship, there were bonds that had gone missing and a very dirty cop in search of them.

In the meantime, Ducky has traveled to Scotland for his award and speech. Which they seemed to love and I think it's all because of the case he decided to tell it about. Ellie helped him plan the whole thing, too. It was fun having her realize that all these names of the cases were actually real. She didn't believe some of them have happened, but trust me, they have. Some not so pretty too. But it was so awesome seeing Ducky there and teaching that class. You could tell he was enjoying it.

While that is happening, though, Jimmy is having a hard time keeping things afloat while Ducky is away. He's trying to go by the book on how Ducky does things and it looks like he succeeded by the time Ducky got home. Poor guy, though, he hasn't really been in charge before and hey, Gibbs would scare me too as a boss, but Jimmy was doing a good job. He just needs more practice at it.

I'm sure he'll get the chance to do it, too. Because it sounds like we may be losing Ducky! I'll be sad if Ducky really does leave for good. We aren't sure if it's going to be goodbye or just goodbye for now. But I have a bad feeling we might be seeing the end of Ducky. He's been on the show a long time, but I know he enjoyed doing that thing in Scotland and I think he'll be an amazing teacher. 

So, back to the case. Who's this guy that is after Michelle and now has her son kidnapped? It ended up being her old boss, Danny! He got into pretty bad debt and needed the money desperately and was willing to go to whatever lengths he had to in order to get it back. All things eventually lead back to money, don't they? 

Don't worry, NCIS came just in the knick of time and saved Michelle and her son. But there was a sad note. Instead of turning himself in, Danny decided to take his own life to have it be done with. In a way, I kind of saw that coming, but it was still very sad.

Side Notes:

  • Michelle's ex ended up being Benny, the owner of the company. He was able to meet his son at the end thanks to Ellie for making the call on that one.
  • Though I still miss Tony, a lot, Nick has really grown on me. Especially now. I am really liking him.
  • It was so cute that the lady who recruited Ducky already warned Gibbs of what was coming with the offer. Though I think Gibbs would have been fine with it either way.