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NCIS "House Divided" (Season Premiere) Episode Recap

Are Gibbs and McGee still alive? If so, where are they? That's what the team desperately tries to find out in the season premiere.

While Vance and Nick are trying to play clean up with the government after doing a not so legal mission in which Gibbs and McGee got kidnapped in the first place, back at NCIS, Ellie has taken over and I'd say she did a pretty good job.

Nick is having a hard time concentrating. Poor guy did everything he could trying to save his team when they stayed behind in the first place and I'm sure part of him was probably blaming himself for making it happen. But still, work must go on and they will find them. Eventually.

Ellie is so not good at lying though. Because the minute she said that they had no new intel on Gibbs and McGee, Delilah knew that pretty much they did have new intel and went to work to help track them down.

McGee and Gibbs are, in fact, alive, but not doing well. However, when the boss guy comes back and sees what he has been done with the new victims, he's not happy that they "had some fun" with them. Life doesn't get much better with Gibbs and McGee, though, with the big guy in charge back. It actually makes it worse. Not sure what they needed Gibbs' birthday for, but that's the only question that they asked and never got a reply from.

McGee on the other hand, didn't do too well at holding up. Of course, with hardly any food and not seeing his new wife in 2 months and wondering if he'd ever make it out again, I can sort of understand why he finally gave in to saying what his birthday was. 

At first, I thought that the computer guy that McGee met that was being all nice to him, was going to end up being bad. But it was nice that he actually just ended up being a good guy trying to get by without getting himself killed in the process. He claims that the boss helped him after his tragedy on losing his wife and daughter, but if he was ever alone with the big bad guy, he was in trouble.

Their case back at home, in the long run, ended up having to do with Gibbs and McGee. The guy that was killed had had enough of being the bad guy and wanted to turn himself into NCIS. I'm not sure how he knew about McGee and Gibbs, but it led back to that was the same boss for both things. 

We will never know for sure what they were wanting to do with McGee and Gibbs, since the place no longer exists, thanks to McGee. It probably had something to do with making it look like Gibbs was selling inside info or something. It also had something to do with smuggling stuff into the US.

The welcome home was one of the best I have ever seen. They got home early and I loved that McGee wanted to surprise Delilah. She'd been so worried about him. How fitting for Gibbs to go to work right when he got him, too. Glad they are home safe and sound.

Side Notes:

  • I thought it was cool how Ellie used the dating app to figure out where McGee and Gibbs were located
  • Loved the fact that the courtroom had to go off grid in order for them not to look bad when they gave Vance the ok to send in the rescue team.
  • Ellie's floor sitting is back and she's having everybody join in. Just like Tony with the "fireplace talks" and loved it.
  • It was so funny when Ellie found the phone from that one guy and it just so happened to be the exact time McGee had the phone when she called.
  • Quinn will not be returning this season. I kind of missed her. She was fun. But all that was said about her was that she was helping her dying mother.
  • What were your thoughts on the episode?