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NCIS: LA "Party Crashers" (Season Premiere) Episode Recap

Hetty officially quit?!

I still can't believe it. After "quitting" so many times, I am still hesitant to believe that she really has quit. Not to mention the fact that it seems like she's on a personal mission. To find a long lost friend? Not sure if it was a friend from what it sounded like or who this guy is really, but she's looking for someone and knowing Hetty, she'll find them.

We meet not one, but two new recruits. One to replace Hetty and one to replace Granger. I'm sorry, but someone who doesn't like field work has taken the wrong job. She doesn't let the team do what they want. Which is probably a good thing and it's good for the team once in a while to change up partners, too. But for the fact that she sent Deeks back to LAPD, really made me mad. The other lady seems to be a little more laid back, but she doesn't seem good with gadgets at all.

Sam is so not in a good place right now. He has totally isolated himself. Which, isn't that one of the signs of depression? That's why I love Callen and Sam's friendship so much. Callen will keep checking on Sam no matter what Sam says or does. He'll always be there for Sam. Then again, I'm kind of glad that Sam isn't back to work right away. Sometimes I feel like shows sweep storylines away too quickly and that's not really what happens. It takes time to heal.

So, I have to admit, that I wasn't totally paying attention to this episode much. It wasn't the episode, I was just doing something else at the time, so I kind of missed what they were going after. All I know is at the end, they had to destroy a bomb that would kill a bunch of people, so Callen had to drive the ambulance into the ocean! Sam came back because he's the only one who knew how to work with bombs. 

Their new boss lady was so not thrilled about Callen and Sam having to deal with the bomb that way. She thought there was always a cheaper way. Well, this lady must not have worked in the field. Because sometimes you just have to do what you have to do in order to save people. 

Side Notes:

  • Deeks got a job at his old work place watching the dogs. Kind of fitting, I thought, since he loves dogs, but that seems like a major demotion because of how he acted.
  • Kensi is worried about Deeks not telling his mother about the engagement. Deeks seems to want to avoid the whole thing all together. 
  • That was a bad idea though, since his mother already knew and found out from Kensi's mother. 
  • I love seeing Deeks' mother. They don't get along too well, because they are so much a like. 
  • Deeks might be getting a new step dad and he didn't seem too thrilled about the idea.
  • What did you think of the episode?