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NCIS: New Orleans "Dead Man Calling" Episode Recap

Halloween comes early for the New Orleans team when a case they catch deals with ghosts and seances.

Sonja is back! I so love it when she's around. She's my favorite and I hate it when she's not in an episode. Though I didn't totally mind Tammy in this episode, either. This was either one of Tammy's good episodes or I'm just getting used to her now and she doesn't bug me as much anymore. But in a way, I'd so be Tammy in this episode. Because I hate all things ghosts.

Since Sonja is back, she is totally freezing out Chris. Pride has noticed that something is going on with them, he just doesn't see that they like each other. Which is probably good since they are still kind of in trouble with headquarters. He doesn't want a working relationship to get them in trouble. But still, no one else notices that they like each other? 

Sonja blames the fact that she doesn't know how to go back to being just friends after starting to have feelings for Chris. Pride thinks they should move on from whatever is between them. But I hope they don't. I totally ship them together and hoping we get something that won't take forever (yes, I'm talking about Tiva) to get to.

So along with dealing with that, they have a very spooky case handed to them. Jacob, the poor guy was thrown off the roof. Not just any roof, but a roof that LaRue was killed from too a lot time ago. I knew there had to be a connection, but I didn't really see this coming. Jacob's family ended up being the LaRue family. Someone changed their last name after the accident.

Jacob's grandmother, that had just died, was trying to track down what had happened and why they changed names all those years ago. She told Jacob right before she died and he was killed because no one wanted that secret to get out.

He was killed because LaRue did go into business with a friend and opened a pharmacy. That was the husband and wife we talked to earlier. It was the husband that was doing all the killing because he wanted the business/money back to the rightful owners. I'm glad that the wife felt the need to try to patch things up between the families.

Tammy was totally freaking out. She said she believes in all this, but she's still freaked out. Even more so when they meet up with a psychic, Otis. Tammy ended up actually going to Otis for help to try to get her "haunting" from her father away or something, I didn't totally understand her request at the end.

Though it was creepy, it was an exciting episode and I'm hoping that Chris and Sonja might have patched things up, for now. Since Chris did end up saving Sonja's life, thanks to the nicknames. 

Side Notes:

  • Sonja wants to stop using the nicknames between her and Chris, at first. But then at the end, they are the fact that she ended up getting saved in the first place, so let's hope the nicknames stay alive.
  • Anybody else ship Sonja and Chris or is it just me? I totally hope they don't ignore it or move on.
  • Pride is worried that they are still being watched by headquarters. He thinks he's just imagining it, but it doesn't hurt to stay on his toes about it.
  • Sebastian sounded like he might have a little bit of a cold while filming this episode.
  • What did you think of this episode?