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NCIS "Skeleton Crew" Episode Recap

A sailor has been kidnapped, but eventually found dead and the team finds out what happened to this poor lady and why. 

Things are made even more difficult when a hurricane is on the breach of hitting D.C. but the case must go on and be solved before anybody can go home and be safe from the storm. I really loved this episode and totally didn't see who the bad guy was.

I knew the minute we met Jacqueline, that this wasn't going to be the last time we saw her. First, I thought that maybe Gibbs might be getting a new love interest (it could still happen, but since they work together and he has the rule and everything.....), but then we find out that it is Vance's new higher to help wherever she's needed. She's a forensic psychologist. But Gibbs isn't too thrilled with her now that he knows who she really is.

Abby oh Abby, why must you be leaving the show? In episodes like these ones, I'm reminded how much I like you as a character. No one can replace you. You are so unique that the show won't be the same without you. This time, Abby realizes that they don't know what to do if a zombie apocalypse hits. Ok, like one would ever ever hit, but it's because of the little survival kit that she made each of the team, that actually ends up saving Nick and Ellie's life.

Jimmy's first case without Ducky. It was weird not seeing Ducky, but I love Jimmy so I'm hoping we will get to see him more throughout the season. It was cute that Jimmy thought he had to be like Ducky in order to get things done, but Abby pointed out that Jimmy doesn't need to do that. He just needs to be himself and things will be better that way.

Nick and Ellie end up having to go aboard the ship that the kidnapped lady, Helen, worked on. Little did Ellie know that she was going to meet one of her old school bullies. She totally hated this guy, but it really looked like he had changed. For a few minutes though, I was totally expecting them to exchange numbers at the end. That might come later one, who knows?

But Nick and Ellie are also trapped on the ship with the killer and they don't know it yet. Thanks to the packs that Abby created, they were able to finally get a hold of the team and let them know what really happened. The banker that worked with Helen was also in love with her and then there was someone on board the ship that wanted the money that was locked away in her office. It always comes down to love or money doesn't it?

Side Notes:

  • I don't know why, but I really enjoyed seeing Nick and Ellie work together.
  • The rocking of the ship was cool, but it was getting to me after a while. 
  • Gibbs knew all along who Jacqueline really was. Only because she showed her drivers license like she would a badge. 
  • What did you think of this episode?