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Scorpion "Grow A Deer, A Female Deer" Episode Recap

Agent Walter Gallo?

The whole team has yet to learn that Gallo has been arrested for helping Collins with his escape. He didn't want to worry them, but he called Ally? Of course she's going to worry and go to the only people she knows who can help.

That makes Walter and the team do something kind of foolish or sweet depending on how you look at it or a little bit of both. In order to get Gallo out on bail money, they had to put up their money and not to mention Scorpion itself! When Gallo learned what they did for him, let's just say he was none too happy about what had happened.

Because of Gallo being arrested, he can't travel to their new destination for their new case that Paige picked up. Walter isn't too pleased that Paige picked something up without discussing it, but they need money, so she didn't think it was necessary and I agree with her on that one.

This makes an interesting turn of events for Walter. Walter is so used to having Gallo there and be their guide and protector when it comes to scary situations, but without him there and with Walter feeling guilty, he's "becoming" Gallo on this mission. I thought he just wanted to wear the glasses and be really in charge, but nope, he was overstepping and being like Gallo and almost hurting their case inside of helping them.

Thanks to a talk from Toby, Walter finally realized what he has been doing. It's not Walter's fault for Collins escaping. Collins would have escaped no matter what. But that won't stop Walter from acting like Gallo. It was a little fun to watch, though, if I have to admit it.

At first, I thought their case was a little lame, but it turned out to be anything but lame and pretty sweet. I loved the fact that Sylvester changed his mind at least on the deer. He practically saved that deers life. The fact that the mother and the baby deer are going to be ok and that the team can check in on it whenever they want to just warmed my heart.

They didn't go to save a deer, though. That was just detour that happened on their real mission. To figure out where poachers were coming from so they could stop the poaching ring and save the rhino's lives. Little did they know that the very person that helps them out at the wild life group that they went to, is in fact the one who is in charge of the poacher group as well!

Thanks to finding the sat phone and to Ralph, they were able to track down all the poachers and get the ring shut down for good.

I love the fact that Paige and Walter are finally together. I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing that. But I think Walter was a little nervous about their new relationship. Paige had to tell him that even though they are in a relationship, she can still do her job and help him out if he needs it.

Side Notes:

  • I love the fact that Ally and Gallo are still together. But here's hoping that they patch things up after their rocky path in this episode.
  • Patty seems to be very good at her internship. Though no one else knows who she is. I kind like her, though.
  • So does Ralph, may be forming a cute little romance here.
  • Does Happy want to start a family? Those longing looks whenever she looked at the baby deer and the mom or at Paige and Ralph, made me wonder. I think Happy would be a great mother.
  • Loved the fact that Ralph had to be the voice of reason again, and this time to Gallo to make him realize that what he was doing was wrong. That the team was just there for him and he didn't like that offer. Gallo took his advice and apologized to the team, to Ally and ended up thanking them for helping him out.
  • What did you think of the episode?