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Scorpion "Nuke Kids On The Block" Episode Recap

This week, the team has to decommission an old nuclear warhead, but an accident happens that prevents them from doing that.

The past episodes this season haven't been all that great. Sure, I've loved the character development but I missed the action. This episode totally fixed that problem. Not to mention it had a little more believable storyline. Sometimes, I feel like the storylines are a little too farfetched. 

While they are trying to decommission an old nuclear warhead, Happy is frustrated about Paige confronting her about tagging along with her and Walter so much, that Happy drops her wrench and it punctures the side of the nuclear warhead. So not only is the fuel leaking, but they also have to be careful not to launch a deadly warhead.

I'm still confused as to why Happy was tagging along with Walter and Paige on their dates so much in the first place, when she has Toby who she could be doing this stuff with. Must be something deeper going on in her that I didn't understand. Paige probably could have handled it differently and Walter tried to tell her that, but she didn't want to listen. 

While this was a total accident, Happy doesn't realize that she is blaming others for what has happened then what really has happened. It's always easier to blame someone else. She went as far as blaming Walter for actually hiring Paige in the first place. Saying if he didn't, then Happy wouldn't be having all these feelings and then she would be able to concentrate. I loved the fact that Toby pointed out the fact that if Paige didn't get hired, then they wouldn't have gotten married. 

In the end, Happy and Paige actually have to work together to save Walter after he got hurt while trying to fix the patch and that kind of smoothed things over for their relationship. 

They do end up setting off the nuclear warhead, but Happy was able to disarm it before it did some damage. So she ended up saving the day after creating the mess in the first place. 

Side Notes:

  • With Gallo being arrested, he can't go in with the team. But Toby said that Gallo is their intern so that makes it that he can go inside. I loved the sarcastic comments coming from Toby about Gallo being the intern, but I'm surprised Toby didn't get a slap on the head for too many.
  • Happy wants to have babies! I loved this development with her. Toby seemed thrilled. He knew this is a huge step for Happy. I hope they get to have kids. They will be great parents.
  • Sylvester is trying to save the science lab. Everything he's done hasn't worked. But it was thanks to their latest case, that he finally got the idea to save the lab and it worked. Hopefully it impressed Patty as well.
  • What did you think of this episode?