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Bull "The Exception To The Rule" Episode Recap

Jason meets up with an old girlfriend when her son contacts him for help to win a case.

I loved it that the whole team knew the minute Jason heard who all this case was about, that he was going to fight for it no matter what. Even though Jason did not want to do it at the beginning, the minute he heard that his old girlfriend was a victim of poisoning, that's what drew him in.

Jason got to revisit his old days when he went back to this small town to help Ali's son win their case. The local factory dumped poison into the water. It sounded like they didn't know it would give people cancer at the time, but they did little to nothing to help out the people who ended up getting sick. That's why Jason comes in.

I liked Zack right off the bat. He was determined to help the case. Even though it was his mom that was a victim, I don't think that was why he was fighting so hard to win. He seemed like the kind of guy that wanted to get justice done and he knew Jason would help him get that done. In a way, Zack reminded me a lot of Jason at the end of the episode and I think that's why Jason started to really like this kid, too.

It was nice that Jason kind of got closure on his old girlfriend too. Though she was dying and it was sad that they had to meet like this, it was nice that he got to say things he needed to say to her and that they actually relived happy moments together. I am really glad it didn't end on a sad note either. I thought for sure that Zack was going to walk in on his mom dead in bed at the end, but nope, he actually ended up walking in on Jason and Ali having a moment.

Jason never wanted to put Ali on the stand. He thought that's who the other side was lying, but they had it all wrong. It ended up being someone else on Ali's side that was lying all to try to get a big pay out in the end. Glad that truth came out when it did and so he doesn't get a cent of what they finally got in the end.

It was actually Ali who ended up winning the case for them. Her testimony of what happened really sealed the deal for them and the factory guys didn't even want to find out who the jury thought was guilty. They pulled Jason aside and folded.

Side Notes:

  • It was cute to see Jason through the years.
  • Jason didn't want to go to college. It was something he did because that's what he thought he had to do to. If it was really up to him, he would have run away with Ali.
  • No mention of Marissa's boyfriend in this episode. I still don't like that guy and I'm not sure why.
  • What did you guys think of this episode?