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I Never Binge Watch But....

Our story is about a town. A small town.

That on the outside it may look like a happy little town, but on the inside, it's changing and maybe not for the better. In season 1 you see, there was a murder of a teenage boy. Not just any teenaged boy, but the son of the Blossoms who practically founded Riverdale. Who killed him and why?

I always love a good murder mystery. Don't you guys? But I didn't think I'd love this show as much as I have. I started watching season 1 last week and I am now done with it and almost done getting caught up on season 2 as well. Yes, it's that good. I hardly ever, ever, binge watch because I normally hate watching 2 episodes in a row of the same show. I usually get bored of a marathon, but this show is different.

You get sucked into the story line and fall in love with the characters and want to wonder what's next. It's not just a teen drama though. The parents have drama of their own and throughout the show, you wonder if they are more involved in the murders then they are saying.

It's based off of Archie Comics. So we have, Archie. The star, who in the first season tries to figure out if he wants to become a musician or a football star. Jughead, who's writing a book about Jason's murder. Betty, the girl next door, who becomes a writer and a Nancy Drew type sleuth. And Veronica, who's dealing with the aftermath of dealing with the fact that her dad was arrested.

Jughead is my favorite. Yes, it's because he's really cute. But I love his character too. He's sweet and always wants to stand by the people he loves and protect them. I also love Veronica. I love how she has changed herself to be a better person. Someone you can count on as a friend and is someone who is even nice to the school bully. Well, I wouldn't really call Cheryl a bully, but she kind of is in some ways.

Of course, like with all shows, there's romance. Betty has had a life time crush on her best friend, Archie. But that all changes with Veronica rolls into town. It works out for both set of friends in the end, but I won't go into too much detail.

By the end of season 1, we learn who killed Jason that night. But some things about that case may not be true. Is that why they now have a serial killer in Riverdale? Or is this connected to something different? 

If you wanted a new murder mystery obsession, then I highly recommend Riverdale!