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Scorpion "Go With The Flo(rence)" Episode Recap

The team get an interesting new neighbor and I'm not sure how I feel about her yet.

It doesn't help that their first impression with her, didn't go over well. Instead of using her words and saying what was bugging her, she ended up trying to do a stink bomb into their place to smoke them out because she was frustrated with all the noise they were making. 

While trying to deal with a new neighbor, they get a new job assignment. One where Paige was against, but Walter didn't really do anything about it until he realized that Paige's gut feeling was actually right. Jemma is coming to them for help from MI6 saying that a satellite they have was hacked. The device is missing that they need in order to shut it down before a nuclear reaction happens. 

So, the team ends up finding the bad guy within the first 5 minutes of the episode and here I was thinking that this couldn't be right. This is way too easy. Though they do end up finding the guy, he instead flushes the device they need to stop the bomb from happening! Now their device is lost in the sewers of LA! Talk about gross!

Toby and Gallo are back at the garage trying to get the guy to spill the beans on what his plan is and where the target is at. They go from asking to plain intimidation trying to get answers out of this guy. It was actually starting to work, but Florence, yet again, had to interrupt and their plan backfired. She's really getting on my nerves at this point.

Finally, Toby comes up with a solution that will work and they get the exact location on where the nuclear bomb is going to happen. But is it too late? Back in the sewers, Sly, Happy, the untrustworthy Jemma, Paige and Walter have hit a bit of a snag. They run into one of Paige's worst nightmares. A rat. Which ended up getting the fob and down the current it goes.

Sly now gets to face one of his biggest fears. First, he has to try to catch the rat on the other end before it gets destroyed, but then Sly ends up falling into the water himself! So now not only do they have to stop the nuclear bomb from going off any second now, Walter has to figure out a way to stop the fan from cutting up Sly!

Walter ends up just directing the missile at them and it somehow made the whole power go out and Sly was saved. Not totally sure how that went down and they got out alive, but oh well. During this whole process though, Walter learned that Paige's gut feeling was actually right. I knew I didn't trust Jemma and we learned why at the end.

The satellite they helped save, wasn't actually MI6's satellite to begin with! Yep, Scorpion ended up helping MI6 steal a satellite! But how sweet of Walter to realize this all while he was trying to save a million people and he rerouted the satellite into outer space and beyond. Well done Walter!

Side Notes:

  • Gallo is still having sessions with Toby. But he suddenly stops them when he thinks he came to the conclusion of his feelings. Toby knows better and I thought it was a cute touch to have Happy go and scare Gallo back into the sessions.
  • Ralph is too cute with this crush and how he's trying to get Patty's attention. I agree with Walter though. I'm glad he didn't want to stop it because this is good for someone like Ralph.
  • It seems like Flo is just like them. Someone who doesn't know how to interact with people. But I hope she won't get on my nerves anymore like she did in this episode.
  • So sad that Happy had to end up using the awesome keychain to track down the fob. But it looks like Happy was able to get a new one for Toby,  yay!
  • What did you think of this episode?