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Scorpion "Queen Scary" Episode Recap

Who are you gonna call Ghost.....Team Scorpion?

Yep, to prove that ghosts exists or not, Dave hires Team Scorpion to find out the truth of the unknown. Since the team is desperate for money, Paige accepts the job anyway. The only one that's not on board with the plan is Walter, who doesn't believe in ghosts at all.

By this point in the episode, mind you we are only like 5 minutes into it, Paige is pretty mad at Walter already. Only because he isn't taking interest in what other people want to do. He's only wanting to do stuff he wants to do. Like he first kind of blew off Paige's friend that they were listening to in the beginning and now this case. Not wanting to do it because he doesn't believe in such things.

Gallo is also going through something. Since when is he so worried about the ferret? Turns out that he is really worried about his trial and he doesn't want to get sent to jail. It was cute that he wanted to make things better for the ferret, but still. Something was up and I'm glad Toby got to the bottom of things with that.

So, are ghosts real? I thought for sure this whole time the TV show was going to be some big prank show. But in a way, I'm glad it didn't turn out that way because that is not the publicity that the team needs right now. In fact, everything spooky that was going on in the Queen Mary was all explained by logic, thanks to team Scorpion. I'm so glad it was too because for a minute there, I was completely freaked out. I hate anything to do with ghosts. 

The real reason why people were seeing "ghosts" was because of the EMF thing. I don't understand quite how that all worked, but I knew one thing was for sure. That the stuff they were doing interrupted with a ship that was going to crash into the oil right.

Don't worry, like always, they do get it stopped just in time. Thanks goodness too or else millions of people would have died because of it. 

In the end, they end up proving that ghosts don't really exists. However, that's not how Dave decided to spin it on the TV show after all. Big surprise about that one huh? He took everything the team said out of context to make it look like there are actually such a thing as ghosts.

Side Notes:

  • Walter sat a good amount of this case out. He finally did have to join them, but it was interesting to see this side of a case. 
  • I love it when Walter takes to heart what Paige says is wrong in their relationship each time. This is all new to him, so I'm glad she's at least a little patient with him. How sweet that he was trying to take the extra mile by buying a guitar?!
  • Very clever costume there Ralph. But Toby's had to be my favorite. Too funny. 
  • What did you think of this episode?