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Macgyver "CD-ROM + Hoagie Foil" Episode Recap

The hunt for dad continues and so does a new case.

Starts out with Mac going to the last known location for his dad. A house that had been burned to the ground with probably little to no evidence. Or so someone would think. Mac found a hiding place that contained a film strip. Why would they hide something like that? 

Now the question is, what's on the film strip? Mac goes to one of the ladies at work to ask them for help in figuring that out, which makes Matty upset that he's late when coming to get a new assignment. Does it bug anybody else that she calls him blondie or is it just me?

Their new assignment is the fact that one nerve gas got away and they know where it is and they have to go steal it before it gets into the wrong hands. But that's actually exactly what Matty ends up wanting the team to do. After they successfully get the canister, Matty realizes that this big bad group is after it as well and someone they've been trying to catch for a very long time. So, instead of getting a small win, she wants them to set up a trap and follow the nerve gas to catch a bigger win. I kind of see the logic, but at the same time, it all could have been avoided too. It put the team in some pretty scary situations. 

While all of this is going on, Bozer is back at camp learning how to interrogate someone and to never get cracked either. Bozer is a pretty good interrogator, I might add. Though it's still hard for me to picture Bozer being a spy. However, I think he has it in him. 

Back in the real world, Mac and team have hit a bit of a snag in the plan. Sam gets kidnapped yet again (that seems to happen to her a lot, doesn't it?), but it actually turned out to their advantage. Because she's so good at her job, she works it around to convince the bad guys that they actually have the fake gas and her team has the real one and that she wants to join their team and do a swap for the trade! Nice one there, Sam! Have I mentioned how much I am loving this character? Although, there is still possible room that she may not be trusted.

So now, Mac and team have to create a fake gas in order to pass off as the real one to get the real one back before it's too late. Little do they know, that the bad guys ended up not actually trusting Sam (big surprise, right?) and had a back up plan already in the works. Instead of leaking the gas at the train station, they changed to the water supply and this just leads to a big shoot out which then leads to the real tank getting shot and Mac having to figure out a very quick way of getting rid of it all while he himself is inhaling the stuff!

Don't worry, we can all breathe a sigh of relief because they are able to rush him to the hospital just in time to get healed. After the moment with Sam and Mac in the hospital, I still wonder if she has feelings for Mac or if it's just me that's wanting a love interest more then the one from Bozer and Riley, which I don't think will happen now.

Speaking of Bozer, we learned a very very sad part of his history. But I gotta give it to Leanne, she was really good, even a little scary, at being an interrogator. This is the part that made me more of a fan of Bozer. I thought this was the last straw, that he was going to break, that he was going to give out his code word and fail the training. But in fact, this situation made him do the opposite of just that. It just made him relive the worst day of his life. When his brother was accidentally killed. Wow, that story was very hard to hear and I'm sure even harder for Bozer to say it and relive it.

Now to the big reveal. Mac was able to finally watch the film strip! It didn't look like much, just old home movies. But what was that at the end? Miss Matty herself! What in the world could that mean? Please please tell me they are reusing old storylines and making their boss a bad person again! But this could possibly mean that maybe Mac's dad got into something bigger then he realizes and maybe, just maybe, Matty is helping him stay in hiding so someone else doesn't find him? Just a hunch. Or then again, they could reuse a storyline and make her bad and the reason why he has to stay in hiding. Let's just hope that won't be the case.

Side Notes:

  • Bozer almost quit, but Leanne is right, that scene proved that Bozer has a right to be there.
  • Is it just me or does anyone else not trust Elwood? Especially after that bizarre run in that Jack had with that guy? What was that all about?
  • It bugs me that no mention of Sam being not who she says she is, hasn't even come up like at all. 
  • What did you guys think of the episode?