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Riverdale "Silent Night, Deadly Night" Episode Recap

Black Hood is revealed, but is it really over?

Time to celebrate Christmas as is with all episodes this time of year and with Riverdale they at least have seasoned episodes. But it's a bit darker then most holiday episodes. What with Black Hood still roaming around. Betty is having nightmares with Black Hood sneaking into her house and wanting to kill her. While the rest of the gang have other issues to deal with.

Kevin is doing a Secret Santa though it's probably no secret to who got who what. I did like how the fact that Jughead and Veronica both looked jealous at the gift that Archie gave Betty. It was thoughtful and sweet and I knew they both thought that maybe there might be something there since each couple broke up last time.

Back at the Andrew's home, they just got the hospital bill which makes matters even worse. It's really expensive (when are they ever not?) and so to make ends meet, they start selling Christmas Trees. That doesn't really seem to be cutting it and Archie does tell Veronica about their money issues after they do their somewhat of a present exchange.

Black Hood's new mission is to have Betty and Archie, who team up now that Veronica and Jughead aren't with them right now, find out what Joseph's big sin was. It lead them back to the creepy place that Polly was held at and they finally learned the truth. That Joseph actually called out the wrong guy who killed his parents and a group of men didn't know that at the time, but they went and buried the guy alive! How awful!

Archie isn't the only one who's having money issues, Cheryl's family is as well, but she won't let that stop her from having a Merry Christmas. Against her mother's wishes, she even bought a tree! But Cheryl is right, her mother could get a job to help out, but it seems like she wants to do nothing but complain about their money situation. Cheryl could get a job too, but I can't really see that happening.

In my honest opinion, Jughead went way too far in running of Penny. I knew that he wanted to help fix his problem/mistake that he did and that he was mad that FP wouldn't let him. But in this situation, I think FP knew what he was doing. He knew what kind of person Penny was way more then Jughead. I don't think this is the last we will see of Penny. That scene where they cut out her tattoo was pretty disturbing. 

Back at the Lodge's residences, her parents learn that she made a money decision. That she paid Fred's medical bill. Fred will be none too pleased whenever he learns about that and I am sure he will learn that. But I loved that Veronica wanted to do something nice like that. In a weird way, it helped leverage her parents into telling her what exactly goes on in the family business. She looked shocked when she learned and I wish we would have found out ourselves, but alas I guess that's another secret that will hopefully be revealed soon. 

Betty and Archie are on the hunt to find out where Black Hood buried Joseph alive. They find the place, but inside is just an empty coffin? It's because he wanted Betty to bury Archie alive! Thank goodness that didn't come to that and that they were able to get away and finally stop the guy. It ended up being Joseph himself! Makes zero sense doesn't it? I guess when Betty was explaining it at the end in the Pop's scene, that it started to somewhat make sense, but I don't think it's him. It's too early for the bad guy to be revealed and plus, I just was hoping it wouldn't be someone easy. If it really is Joseph, then the Black Hood case was way too easy because I had him pegged as the bad guy the first time we met him. Let's just hope that's not the case.

Side Notes:

  • Varchie is back on! But will Archie tell Veronica that he kissed Betty? I don't think it'll mean anything. Plus, I don't want Betty and Archie anyways. Veronica finally said she loved him!
  • Very thoughtful gifts that Jughead and Betty got each other. I just wish they would both stop being stubborn and reconnect. Even FP was trying to get Jughead to do something.
  • Cheryl's mom has a new someone! At first, I thought that she was going to come up on someone dead, but nope that's not what happened at all! Wasn't expecting that!
  • Do you guys think this is over with the Black Hood or is he still out there?