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Riverdale "Tales From The Darkside" Episode Recap

The Black Hood has left a message for all and if the town of Riverdale doesn't pass his test, something bad will happen at the end of the day.

Very interesting format for this episode. We walk through the whole episode in a different set of eyes. It first starts off with Archie and Jughead. Penny calls Jughead for that dreaded favor he owes her. Instead of ditching her call like his dad warned him to, he meets her at the diner.

That was his first mistake. His second mistake was learning from Penny that his dad had gotten into it with the Ghoulies in prison. Hello, if someone is hurt in prison, don't they call their immediate family to let them know? Jughead wouldn't learn of that second hand.

Third mistake was Jughead agreeing to deliver of what I assume as drugs to some creepy lady in a wheelchair. It was all creepy. Archie getting a blown out tire, but it was nice to see them work together again. Then that creepy guy picking up Jughead. I thought for sure something awful was going to happen to him. But Archie thank goodness, came back and they ended up getting the job done.

Fourth and final mistake was when Jughead learned that Penny did actually play him. That he is now their new delivery boy, even though Penny "promised" this was a one and done thing. I didn't trust her from the beginning and now I know why. But we also learned that FP didn't follow through with something for Penny and now she's taking it out on Jughead.

Next, we follow along Josie's day. We learn that she's writing music on her own and that the Pussycats don't even know it. She's now worried that she will become a "sinner" and be a target for the Black Hood. It doesn't help that she's starting to get really creepy messages from a mysterious someone who could possibly be Cheryl? I know she can be out there, but I don't think she'd do a pigs heart and become a stalker type person, but who really knows what goes on in her head? By the way, the Pussycats end up finding out that Josie was working on her own and disowned her.

Lastly, we follow Betty and Veronica. We start back at the beginning of the day this time, but follow Betty instead of Jughead. Betty is convinced that the Sheriff is the Black Hood. I was kind of at first, but not really anymore. Veronica's suspicion was right on. Sheriff Keller was having an affair and one that shouldn't be uttered. An affair with the Mayor! No wonder he has to sneak out late at night.

By the end of the episode, all six friends, end up at Pop's where he gets a call from the Black Hood saying that they all failed his test and will start the reckoning. That can't be good. But is the Black Hood and this creepy Reaper that the guy talked about in the beginning, could they be connected somehow? Or is this all just one big coincidence? I feel like I'm left with more questions then answers in each episode.

Side Notes:

  • So nice to have my favorite couple back together! Betty and Jughead!
  • Does Cheryl have a thing for Josie? Is Cheryl really the one who's been sending those weird messages?
  • I don't like Chuck and I don't know if he's changed or if he's just saying stuff to get Josie to like him, but I still don't think it was right of Josie to throw him under the bus when he clearly isn't the one who sent the messages.
  • It was so cute the Archie wanted to move to New York with Jughead. He'd be a writer, Archie would be a musician and Betty and Veronica would be in some Penthouse. I could totally see this happening. Not unless Jughead stays on this path he's on. He's not headed in a good direction.
  • What did you think of this episode?