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MacGyver "Mac + Jack" Episode Recap

In the past, we learn how Mac and Jack met. While in the future, Mac has to disable his whole house from blowing up with them trapped inside.

In the beginning, we are stuck at the hospital. It would have been nice to see the whole scene play out and not just the one at the hospital, but it was nice to learn that Sam is actually going to make it! Though, we didn't see her at all in the episode, which is a little strange. I hope she's coming back. I was really starting to like her.

Once they finally arrive home after who knows how long at the hospital, Mac has a scary situation on his hands. It's a good thing he heard that noise or else there'd be no more characters on the show. The Ghost, kind of remember him, but not totally, set his whole house to explode! Only because this was a diversion and the Ghost actually wanted to blow up half of Los Angles!

While they are dealing with that, we get to learn of how Mac and Jack first met and let me tell you that they hated each other! It's kind of funny to see them argue and to think that they are the best of friends now. But something changed between the both of them when they were on their missions together. I think it was partly due to the fact that Mac saved Jack's life, but I also think Jack felt like he had to protect this kids life and his country.

I'm still wondering why Murdoch has it out for Sam. This isn't the first time he's confronted her like this. It makes me wonder if they know each other. Maybe from her shady past? Which is something I hope that is brought up very soon.

Oh, did I forget to mention that the two bombs they have, the one that the Ghost wanted to blow up LA with and the one in Mac's house are connected? Yep, meaning that makes Mac's job much more complicated. But in the end, Mac does all his fancy skill work and get the job done. They get out of the house safely and save LA.

The Ghost and Murdoch are long gone by now but I doubt this is the last we will be hearing from them.