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MacGyver "Mardi Gras Beads + Chair" Episode Recap

The gang has to travel down to New Orleans to try to figure out why one of Jack's old alias' is active again.

Ever since last year, when Jack had a run in with his ex, Sarah, he's had a problem with dating. He's trying to compare every girl he meets, to this amazing woman he let get away. Mac is right, he needs to stop comparing all these ladies to one person. But at the same time, just because you have high standards on a certain someone, doesn't mean you have to drop everything just to find someone.

Matty is not at all thrilled about their new mission. Someone down in New Orleans has been pretending to be Duke, Jack's old alias and they have to find out why. It's a little hard, though, since the whole town wants Duke dead after the last time he was there. But they have to go down anyways and Matty travels with them! Leaving Riley and Bozer back home to help them there. 

It was nice and fun seeing Matty in the field. Getting to find out why the CIA had a problem with Duke in the first place and such. We first meet one of Duke's old "friends" and that's where we learn that the Mrs. Duke has been purchasing stuff under Duke's name! This came a surprise to everybody, but more importantly, Jack! Duke didn't have a wife when he was down here, so who is doing all this?

Meet Dixie. A really good con artist who gets way in over her head once she pretends to be his wife. Because not only does Jack get kidnapped, but they kidnap Dixie too because they actually think they can get through to Duke through his "wife"! Little do they know, that's not actually his wife. But they don't care about those details once they get them kidnapped. The guy is just after revenge and money. Jack tries to pay them off, but that doesn't work when a bigger hit comes out on Jack and the bad guy sells him off!

Don't worry, Mac and Matty are working hard in trying to track down Jack and Dixie before it's too late. I don't know if Matty has ever seen Mac really work in this situation before. Sure, she's seen him work, but not quite like this one. I think she was impressed. Though part of me is still annoyed that she calls him Blondie.

Back at home, Riley is trying to figure out stuff on Dixie. First off, she doesn't only have Jack's alias, she also has 16 others, too! Not a good thing for someone like her to have. Then, Riley also finds out that there might be a mole in the place because of a trail she's been finding! All to find out that it's actually Bozer and Leanne trying to talk to each other! Riley has a tough decision to make on whether or not she's going to tell Matty about the situation or not. Riley does decide to keep it a secret and is actually helping them out by making sure they don't get detected next time.

It takes Mac a really long time to figure out where Jack is. I knew nothing could happen to Jack, but for a minute there, I almost thought he was going to get burned alive in the incinerator. This time, Mac didn't have enough time to come up with a safe way to pull him out, so he just had to use his hands! 

I knew the minute Jack met Dixie, excuse me, Dawn, that he was going to fall for her and I was right. This is totally someone Jack would fall for. And I thought he was actually gonna get a little romance in his life. Which he did, but it ended up not on a totally good note. After their special night, she ended up stealing from him! Poor guy, how many times is this gonna happen to him? I doubt this is the last we've seen of Dawn.