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Riverdale "Blackboard Jungle" Episode Recap

Southside High gets shut down! Which means Jughead and gang relocate to Riverdale High and things get pretty bad.

Can't Cheryl ever grab a break? Her family is pretty messed up. I mean, not saying that everybody else's family isn't, but Cheryl's is probably the worst. Her mother is now a prostitute! "Well, you told me to get a job" -- I highly doubt that's what Cheryl had in mind when she wanted help with money!

Veronica knows about some big news that is going to break out. Perhaps it's the Southside High closing down that she needed to keep a lid on or is something more? Her whole family is so shady. I wish she never got involved with her parents. I know she didn't want to be left out in the dark anymore, but I think it's changed Veronica and not for the better. She's still my favorite, but she's just changed and I'm not really sure how I like it. But she doesn't know all what's going on. At least I hope not. If she does, then that'll make Archie's job a whole lot worse.

An FBI agent has contacted Archie to try to do a little digging around the Lodge's so that they can see if Hiram is doing any dirty business in Riverdale or not. Is he the person that's been spying on people taking pictures or is it someone else? Archie is hesitant at first, but once he starts digging a little bit, he realizes that something might be true about what the FBI agent said. Oh and I forgot to mention that Archie doesn't believe they really caught the true Black Hood! I knew it!

Polly has had the twins! And what names she gave them. Juniper and Dagwood. Wow, ok. I don't get why Polly is completely cutting out her whole family. I mean, Betty has tried to help multiple times, but to at least shut her out? I don't get it. Plus, this "farm" she's at seems creepy to me. Betty has a hard time telling her parents about the babies being born right off the bat.

Big surprise, Cheryl is trying to cause drama with Archie and Veronica with the Betty and Archie kiss by blackmailing Archie! Archie needs a reason to go see Nick and find out what really happened and so he uses the "Cheryl lost the other check and needs a new one" routine to get in. And who didn't see this coming? The minute Nick made a snide remark about what happened with Veronica, Archie lost it and beat him up! 

So, Southside's first day at Riverdale High didn't go over as smoothly as Veronica had hoped. Cheryl, of course, is the one that made it worse by gathering people who were against them coming to the school and causing a riot. I really do like the principal and glad that he was trying to get everybody to behave. But that doesn't go very well.

I was just annoyed with my favorite characters I guess in this episode. First Veronica and now Jughead. Being so stubborn about shedding his jacket! Dude, I get what it means, but if it means that things calm down, then he needs to do it. Everybody else in his gang didn't seem to have a problem and he thinks that the principal is attacking them and trying to conform them. Uh, I think you are being too hard on the situation Jughead. The principal is just trying to make it easy for everybody! I think Jughead just over reacted in this situation and I hope he changes. If not, he's gonna get in serious trouble.

Archie does tell Veronica that he kissed Betty. I don't think Veronica was at all pleased about it, but I think Archie felt more uncomfortable with the kiss then anything else. But is it just me or does Veronica seemed forced when she says "I love you" to Archie? I think she means it, but I wonder if she's having to say it?

Betty's brother is...just...creepy. That's all I have to say. The minute we meet him, we meet him in a run down motel waiting for a "client" who I don't think was coming for drugs. At least, not how Chic make it sound. Alice was so disappointed and upset. I don't blame her. I don't think it was her choice to give up her son. Chic also blames them for not wanting him. But dude, you don't really know the whole story. I think Hal knows more about Chic then we realize. Why else would he be way worried about Alice meeting him? Then there was that way creeped out scene at the end with Chic watching Betty sleep. There's just something wrong about that kid.