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Riverdale "The Wicked and The Divine" Episode Recap

Veronica's confirmation ceremony is underway and Archie goes deeper into the Lodge's family business.

I'm a little disappointed in Archie. I understand he wants to figure out what's going on in the Lodge family and protect Veronica as much as he can, but at the same time, does he realize he can't do it alone? The FBI agent is there to help. I don't know why Archie is keeping all of this info from him. That could actually get him in trouble later. Doesn't he watch cop shows?

Each week there seems to be a different character I get a little disappointed with and then the next week, they seem to be back to normal. Let's hope this is just some sort of weird thing Betty is going through with the gross web cam stuff. She needs help and that's not the kind of help she should be getting. Chic is a bad influence on her. I hope Betty either gets caught or she tells someone what's going on before she gets in too deep.

Veronica seems to be wondering if all the family business and such is a good idea after all. Or at least involving her boyfriend. She's afraid Archie is getting too close to finding out the truth. The truth about what? I wanna know what Hiram is planning on doing! I mean, I'm sure we will find out eventually, but I wanna know now! 

Not only is she doing that, but she's also planning on her confirmation. It's a big huge deal where family comes in and Hiram has a poker night, etc. Veronica swinged it so she could invite her friends, which is only fitting. And the mayor and Josie seemed to have apologized for what happened. Josie still looks a little mad at Veronica, but maybe they will become friends again. If it wasn't for the Mayor, Josie would actually still be friends with Veronica.

Then there's Chic. I can't even begin to explain how creeped out I am about that kid. What kind of business is he even in? You know what, I probably don't even want to know at this point, with what he's "helping" Betty do. I'm actually with Hal on this one and I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. Chic has got to go.

The beautiful event is underway. I love it that they finally brought back music into the show. That's what I missed from the first half of the season. I also actually missed Cheryl. There was one less drama thing we had to worry about, but at the same time I like Cheryl and I feel like she's underrated. Anyways, back to Veronica's big night.

Which could be deadly for Hiram if Archie doesn't put a stop to the talk he was hearing from Hiram's buddies. I'm glad Archie warned Hiram, but it probably ended up being a bad thing after all. Hiram, (or I'm assuming Hiram, but you know what happens when you assume) ended up having the old man killed! Which again makes me wonder, is Hiram in charge of Black Hood? This is the second time now Black Hood was mentioned and no one believes we got the right guy. Jughead said it this time.

While all of that is going on the Southside is getting hunted down and evicted because of what happened to the statue. Hiram wants the whole land for something, I just know it. What that is, I have no clue. But I'm sure that's what the plan is. And surprise surprise, Penny is back! I called it! She's mad that Jughead attacked her like he did. I am too, actually. Penny is awful, but Jughead broke the most important rule. However, at the same time, aren't they breaking it as well? By turning on Jughead and they are also turning on FP and what did he do? Nothing I don't get the political stuff of that I guess. Jughead was right, though. It was Tall Boy who beheaded the statue. All because he wanted to kick Jughead and FP out so he and Penny could be in charge!

But thanks to that, it actually is the nudge that got my favorite couple back together! Jughead realized (finally!) that the break up was a bad idea with Betty and that ever since then, he's been making awful decisions. I think the same goes to Betty too. She never did the stuff she's doing now when she was with Jughead because I think Jughead was sort of like a safe haven for her. She was able to be herself around him. She needed to not hesitate and tell him the truth right then and there like she first wanted to. He would have understood. He has a darkness too and they keep it at bay in each other. The longer she holds it in, the worse it'll be whenever the truth gets out and the truth always gets out.

There's not one but two dead bodies now in Riverdale! One could be at the hand of Black Hood since I think Hiram might be controlling him (just a theory), but the other one ended up at the Cooper's house! Some creeper came looking for Chic. While we don't know the details, I'm thinking that a fight broke out and it's more then likely that Chic is the one that killed the guy. Well, I guess it could have been Alice. We all know she has a dark side, but Chic is way creepy. Ok, that's not a good reason for a murderer, but I don't know, I think it was him. I believe that Chic is involved with Black Hood. Not totally sure how, but at this point, it wouldn't surprise me.