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Scorpion "The Bunker Games" Episode Recap

The team gets locked inside a AI bunker that aims to kill them.

Gallo has to be trained again and he is none too pleased about it. But Paige is so sweet and encouraging him with the situation. Happy and Toby come home from their honeymoon that they finally got to have after all this time, and it sounds like they didn't have a happy time after all. Toby is being overly hard on himself. Like Paige said, Toby of all people should know that what's happening when Toby and Happy are together is all in the mind. That he has to deal with whatever is going on to actually have good times. To make matters worse, Toby isn't wanted on their new job! We have no clue why until we actually get to the job site.

Before they do that, however, Walter learns that Flo has to come with them because of her handy skills as a scientist! They just need to make her apart of the team already. But I don't really like her. I mean, I do like her, but she's already getting in the way of Paige and Walter. It doesn't help that Walter had that dream of him and Flo married and Toby explained that away and it totally made sense as to why it happened. But does that help? Nope. I think it just made the situation worse.

Now we know why Toby wasn't allowed to come to the job. It just so happened to be the guy who ended up marrying Toby's ex-wife, Amy! Makes total sense now as to why Toby wasn't allowed to go with them. But does that stop him? Nope! The minute they all get inside the bunker, Toby shows up and gets inside. But there's one small problem. While setting up the bunker safety protocol to make sure no threats got in, Egan made it so that Toby was a threat! So now the machine traps them all inside and everything they do to try to get out, is shut down by the AI because it thinks Toby is doing something wrong! The AI even tried to kill Toby, that's how bad it is.

I would be so Sly, I get claustrophobic, so I totally know how he was feeling in that situation. I'm glad that Toby was there in order for him to calm Sly down and get him onto a task to keep his mind off of things. 

So not only is all this going on, but things are also way awkward between the whole team. Let's see, Happy is jealous of Amy, who's this beautiful and very rich lady who seems to have a happy life with her husband. She's also very good at calming Toby down in times of crisis. Which makes Happy even more jealous. Flo is making things awkward for Walter. Only because Walter is making it awkward. Dreams are just dreams. They don't always mean something. But how he's making it awkward, makes me wonder if he's starting to think he has feelings for Flo. Which I really hope that he won't go that way, but I'm not really sure at this point. But we do end up learning that the "happy life" of Amy and Egan, isn't as it seems. Amy spills the beans to Happy, that Egan's job comes first and she comes second. We find that out big time when Egan even wants to save himself and no one else! What a jerk.

They do finally get out, thanks to Gallo and Paige having to do some work on the outside. Guess the bunker needs a little more work. 

Most of the time, I agree with Toby's advice, but in this case with the dream, I think he gave Walter some bad advice. I think Walter should have just kept the dream to himself or at least told Paige and asked her what he should do about it. Because the look on Flo's face at the end, made me feel uneasy. Like maybe the reason why she acts like she does, is because she has feelings for Walter too. Sure, she was surprised, but at the same time, I won't be surprised if we see more between Walter and Flo even though I don't want it to! However, telling Paige the way Walter did was not the best solution ever. He should have been gentle and described it exactly as he did to Flo because that was handled well. If I had heard it the way Walter said it to Paige, I would have acted the same way. I don't know why he decided to say it like that to her, though.