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Weekly Recap: 1/29/18-1/31/18 -- Part 1

Weekly recap is everything I'm behind on that I am slowly getting caught up on. To not make my blog a complete ghost town, I'll post this once a week with quick little recaps/reviews of everything I've watched.

Supergirl 'Wake Up':

Monel is back! But something's changed about him. Not sure how much, but he's different. I loved the reunion and of course I knew he was already married because of stupid spoilers, but oh well, it's my own fault for being so far behind. I hated those three words he said to Kara at the end "She's my wife". I knew they were coming, but the look of heartbreak on Kara's face was the worst. The stuff with Sam, again, I knew about, but it's still interesting seeing it finally take place and understanding what's going on. I actually feel bad for her. Here she wanted to be a cool superhero, but I think she's going to be something that's hated.

The Flash 'Therefore I Am'

'The Thinker' is going to be their biggest foe yet! I was mad throughout the whole episode when no one believed Barry. I knew this guy was the right one, but the guy himself was making it seem like Barry was starting to loose his mind. I'm not sure why he decided to finally tell Barry he was right at the end, but I'm sure it was all part of his big plan. Devoe is going to be interesting. At first, I thought he was way too weird, but now I'm starting to like him, as a villain that is. I'm just glad that the whole team now knows that Barry was actually right and that they felt bad for not believing him.
And I for one can not wait to watch the wedding episode! Welcome back Wally! 
You came just in time!

Arrow 'Thanksgiving'

I have really missed Oliver being the Green Arrow! I knew that the minute Diggle was having sever issues with his arm, that Oliver was going to step in. Yes, I know why Oliver stepped down and I think that was a mature thing to do, but at the same time, I really miss him. Their new villain is something else. All that just to make it look like the vigilantes did something bad to get that bill past and to have a "chat" with Green Arrow? Pretty elaborate if you ask me. Best part of the episode? Thea waking up!

Scorpion 'Lighthouse of the Rising Sun'

I feel kind of eh about this episode. It was a fun episode, but not one of their best. I do love all the romance in it, though and Walter being in charge of kids was funny to watch. I mean, I kind of figured that was going to happen, but it was still fun to watch. Paige is also being way harsh to Flo even though it was all just a dream that Walter had. Has Walter made a move on Flo? No, he hasn't. But I'd probably be a little unhappy about the situation too. Speaking of Happy, her and Toby try to have a romantic getaway, but it's interrupted by Gallo and Allie arriving! Mixed up dates. I did think it was cute that the teenagers they were saving on the missing plane ended up being in love with each other and that was the shove Gallo needed to tell Allie how he really felt. Then there was Ralph trying to get something going with Patty. I think they are totally cute together. 

Hawaii Five-0  'O ka mea ua hala, ua hala ia (What is Gone is Gone)'

Very intense episode featuring a part of Grover I didn't even know existed! Grover and his son run into a guy who was being framed for his wife's murder. But then the guy ends up wanting to kill himself because he said he didn't kill her. No one knew she had depression and he had tried to get her help, but nothing worked. I think in the end, she ended up really committing suicide but no one believed the husband. Not even the father of the daughter that died and he tried to shoot the guy! Making things way worse then they already were. We also see a different side of Grover. After that case where the guy who wanted to commit suicide 7 years ago and Grover tried to talk him out of it, failed, Grover felt so awful about it, since it ended the life of a 2 year old boy as well, that he almost committed suicide himself. If it wasn't for Grover's son skipping school that day, he would have just done that. I'm so glad he was interrupted and got the help he needed. You can always get help. You are never alone. Side note, I love the fact that they still talk about Kono and Chin like they are still apart of the team and that we may see them one day again.

Riverdale 'The Wrestler'

The show seems to be going back to normal. Or as normal as it is in Riverdale. But like I mean it's going back to kind of the season 1 feel. Though I'm not totally sure what the major plot is, I'm still enjoying it. Here's a bonus too, Jughead didn't completely annoy me like he did last episode. He's my favorite so I don't like it when I get annoyed by what he does. Chic still creeps me out. Though we are starting to know a little more about him, I don't think he's a good influence on Betty. She's getting the wrong help. I think Chic recruited her because he had to. I'm glad Jughead ran that article, though, people needed to know that. However, I don't believe Veronica had the right choice in what she did with the band. I thought she was going to sing with Archie, so why would Veronica join the pussycats? Is it because she's turning into her father and doesn't care or was she hoping that this will be the nudge Joise needs to realize that she misses being apart of that? I hope it's the latter. That's what the old Veronica would do. This Veronica, I have no clue what she'd do. Though I love Veronica and Archie, their relationship seems forced. I feel like Veronica's parents are making her be in a relationship with Archie. I think she still likes him, but I don't think she's figured out why she can't say 'I love you' to him. Then there's the whole Archie going into business with Hiram. That has bad news written all over it! I know he's trying to impress him, but at the same time, I think that judgement is getting clouded by the truth. That Hiram is dirty and he corrupts or hurts everybody that goes to work for him.