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Weekly Recap: 1/8/18

So, to make my blog not a ghost town anymore, I've decided to post this once a week, probably on Saturday nights, on what I've watched that week until I get all caught up in my show watching. I'll do a short recap/review for each episode.

Hawaii Five-0 S8Ep7:

The bank heist episode was pretty exciting! I didn't see the police twist at the end, but I knew something had to be up. I knew that Steve wouldn't just kill a police officer. Though he didn't know who he was shooting at. Junior is starting to grow on me. Especially this episode when we find out that there's more to him then meets the eye. Plus, I like the fact that it seems like a romance might be brewing between him and Tani. I feel bad for Adam. Though I do like that he's still on the show, I just hope that they make him more as a character and not just a connection to Kono.

MacGyver S2Ep12:

This one I did blog about and you can click the link below to read about it:

NCIS: LA S9Ep12:

Another one I blogged about and you may click the link below to read bout it:

NCIS S15Ep11:

Ok, I need more Nick and Ellie undercover ASAP! Man, that made one exciting episode and they've been lacking in that department for a number of seasons now. Which is probably just the type of route they are taking, but at the same time, they need to change it up. Who knew that Nick and Ellie worked well together? Plus, do I sense a little romance brewing? Ok, that look at the end from Nick might not have meant anything at all, but at the same time, it would be nice to have something new like that on the show. We haven't had a romance on the show in a long time and not to mention an in office romance. But let's just hope it doesn't take the Tony and Ziva route (meaning it takes forever to happen).