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Riverdale "Tell-Tale Heart" Episode Recap

Oh what tangle webs we weave. Where do I even start with all the lies that start in this episode? 

Let's first start off with the Coopers. They were once a seemingly happy, normal family. But once you start one lie, you can't go back until you actually decide to finally tell the truth. That doesn't look like it'll be happening any time soon, though. So, what really happened with the scene that Betty walked into with the dead body? We didn't get much info. Just that the guy came after Alice and it was self defense.

But is it bad that I'm not totally buying that? Then there's Chic. Who seems all "innocence" but come on guys, this kid is just pulling the wool over Alice's eyes. Not Betty's though. She's starting to see through this creep. The dead guy? He was a drug dealer that Chic had ordered from and that's why he stopped by that night! But does Alice want to believe her precious son is as bad as Betty says he is? Nope, she is going about her life like nothing has changed and it's making Betty sick. Literally. Like really, is Alice really that much in denial that she doesn't see this eating up her poor daughter?

Then there's Archie. Who's trying to get the FBI guy off his back, but not doing a great job about it. So, the guy in turn decides to sort of threaten Fred, so Archie actually has to give him something. Why does Archie think Hiram is all goodie goodie? Ok, maybe not quite goodie goodie, but Archie thinks he's good deep down? Uh, I don't believe that for a second. Hiram is dirty as dirty as you can get. Paying off Tall Boy so that more heat can go to the Southside Serpents isn't good in my book. Why does Hiram need all this land to begin with? That answer still remains.

Now Hiram wants to speed up with whatever his plan is, but to do that they have to get rid of the Mayor! Hiram had her followed one night, so he knows about the affair she's having with the Sherif. So glad that was finally brought up after all this time! Here's lie #2 that goes into play. Veronica goes behind her parents backs and warns the Mayor of what's coming. Which in a way, this lie was kind of good. Veronica may get seriously in trouble for betraying her parents, but I'm glad Veronica did this. It showed me that season 1 Veronica is still in there.

You know, for once Cheryl was the only one who didn't lie about anything in this episode. Sure, she created drama by telling some lies she shouldn't have and when has she ever not done that? That's just Cheryl. But in that bathroom scene with Betty, Cheryl actually looked worried for Betty and wanted to help.

The only good thing about the lies, is that seemed to bring Jughead and Betty closer together. I'm glad Betty finally told Jughead the truth about the body and starting to obsess over it. She does that with everything, doesn't she? I was hoping she'd come clean about the Archie kiss and the weird video dating thing, but one step at a time, I guess. In a weird way, I'm kind of glad Betty and Alice got FP and Jughead to help destroy the body. 

Ok, now comes the shocking truth. Archie gets summoned by his boss. And of course, we are all thinking Hiram is asking to talk to him. For a split second, I thought that, great, the Black Hood is coming back after Archie now. So in a way, I was kind of relieved that I saw Hermione turn around! Ok, it was still a shock, but still happy that it wasn't someone ready to kill Archie. But here's the shocking truth. Archie decided to go straight to Hiram about the FBI agent after he went after his dad. I thought that was way bad on Archie's part, but it actually turned out to be well, sort of good. Because that was all a test! Hermione had hired some guy to pose as an FBI agent to see what Archie would do with the guy! Since Archie didn't tell him anything and finally went straight to Hiram for help, he passed with flying colors! Did not see that coming at all!