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Scorpion "Dumbster Fire" Episode Recap

While on a new mission, the team looses a few IQ points after inhaling some gas and Paige and Cabe are the ones that have to walk them through getting out of a life or death situation.

Wow how the tables turned in this episode. For once, Paige and Cabe got to feel like what it is being the genius' in the room. It was good pay back for what kind of jerks Walter and the team were being. All Paige wanted was a fun, normal night with some friends. She needs to remember that she's dating a genius and she will never, ever get that kind of night no matter how hard she tries. But I really hope there isn't trouble stirring in their relationship front.

In other news, Happy and Toby are seeing doctors. I'm not really sure what for. For a second opinion? To get news about how else they can get pregnant? It wasn't really stated what they were looking into, but it is clear that Toby is having a hard time making a decision. I'm not sure why Happy was riding him so hard, though. Sometimes, it's tough making a decision. Especially one that has to do this.

So cute that Ralph is trying to be Sly's wing man and he's pretty good at it! Sweet talking the guy up to Flo while they were at some convention. Flo looked a bit awkward being around Ralph all day, but she's starting to warm up to me. I think her and Sly would make a really cute couple.

Their new mission doesn't go as smoothly as they all hoped. Of course, I know that this is just the norm by now. It was a little bit of a predictable episode, but still enjoyable. Ok, I didn't really get the mission they were on. All I know is that they had to make sure that the guy's findings were correct and if it was, then it was a huge deal. Where they had to get to, to figure that out, was just a little bit complicated and made worse when the thing they feared the most would happen.

They were down in the lab a little bit too long and got exposed to the stuff down there that made them loose IQ points. Ok, it made for a very hilarious episode. Like Sly actually rapping instead of wrapping, that was the funniest thing ever! It was really nice to see Paige and Cabe having to walk them through stuff. And when Team Scorpion is down a few IQ points, they are actually pretty nice people. Not saying that they aren't normally nice, but the stuff that Walter was saying to Paige just melted my heart.

Ok really, when are they gonna lay off Toby? He gets almost killed in every single episode. Yes, I realize that Walter almost gets killed in every single episode, too, but it's just a little annoying with Toby. Like really? Can't he ever have a break? And now he's the reason why they can't have kids? Like poor guy, leave him alone already!

Even though Walter almost freezed to death or got burned to death, they finally made it outside safely and got back to normal! Some people look at situations differently. Like Happy learned from their situation on how to help Toby make a decision. Sly learned how to make clean water and to make is new proposition about the ocean, hopefully, make a difference and to start working with Flo (nice move there Ralph!)! Then there's Walter. Who may be back to too much normal. He was so sweet down there saying those things to Paige. But now that all this happened, he thinks he wasted precious brain cells and has to gain it all back instead of having a sweet night out with his lady. 

Then the worst of the worst happened. Seriously, Scorpion, you too? Enough with the love triangles! I have a very bad feeling about Flo and Walter working on that problem at the end. Doesn't Walter realize that Sly has been trying to start something with Flo? Get out of the way! I was worried about something with Flo and Walter the minute we first met her and I was so hoping it wouldn't come to that point. Especially since Sly started to get on board about finally dating someone again. Don't do this to him, Walter!