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Arrow "Collision Course" Episode Recap

When will the team ever get back together? Because I am done with this stupid grudge they have against each other.

Ok, I get why they are mad at each other. It's hard to work for someone that you don't trust and vice versa, but at the same time, isn't enough enough already? I mean, they were fighting each other and one could possibly not make it out alive! Don't they just realize that if they just make up and get back together that they will be better off that way?

I never really liked Dinah. She was too hard to get to know, but now I really don't like her. I know that sounds pretty mean and I have never lost someone like she did, but even if I did, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't go on a vengeance kill. 

I'm just getting so sick and tired of all the bickering on the show and them actually never getting anywhere because of it. Just more hurt then they were going in. But I still love the show, don't get me wrong, I just don't understand how people can hold grudges like they do.

Cayden James is now dead. But no one knows the truth of how it actually happened because the inside bad guys are leaking the wrong info. Oliver thinks something weird is up, but he doesn't know what. He's too busy trying to get the money back that James tried to right before he went to prison.

That's where Oliver failed the city. Tried as he might, he couldn't figure out where the money went to and it could be lost forever. Which means the city will probably become a ghost town and Cayden's wish will be granted after all. He would have gotten his revenge one way or the other. This one just didn't result in deaths.

Is it wrong that I'm more for Team Oliver then Team Curtis or does that just make me as bad as Oliver? I loved the newbies, but by not accepting the apologizes they are just making things worse. I mean, fighting with each other at the end? And look where that got them. No money and Renee possibly dying. Fighting gets you no where, don't they know that by now? Plus, what really made me mad was when Curtis hacked into John's arm! That crossed the line, big time!

Lance is blaming himself for the mess they are in. It is a little his fault, but he's not all to blame. He just saw some good in Laurel and was trying to get it out of her before it was too late. That part creeped me out, though. Just because she looks like Laurel doesn't mean she has anything do with Laurel. I never believed she knew where the money was located either.

The inside bad guys found something on Oliver that could take him down? I think I know everything about him, so is it gonna be another lie or is gonna be something they twist around to make it look like Oliver did something bad or what? Whatever it is, hoping we know soon about it!