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Hawaii Five-0 "Only the Stars of Heaven Know Where Pae Is" Episode Recap

Love is in the air on CBS this week. Now Tani and Junior team up as a married couple to find out what happened to a missing teacher.

I've loved the new recruits so much this season! Especially since they are pairing them together as possible soulmates! They have such chemistry and so I loved that they got to go undercover as a married couple.

It would have been better if the episode maybe focused more on their possible romance, but the part we did see was fun. They are posing as a couple to find out what happened to a missing headmaster at a school.

Ok, about 20 minutes or so in, it was pretty obvious who was involved. The minute Tani and Junior went to the first fundraising for the school, I knew it had to be Jared or his wife. They both seemed pretty uncomfortable with the mention of the missing headmaster.

Oh the restaurant. Everybody tried to warn them that starting one was going to be hard and with Steve and Danny I'm surprised they've gotten this far. Do they even have a name for it yet? I am not sure. But I am curious to actually see the final product. Hoping we get to at this point. But I don't know what it is about Danny's uncle, but he's just kind of annoying. I get that he has money and gets the job done, but does seriously no one see that he is bad?

The only thing that bugged me about this episode is that seriously no one knew Adam was missing? I mean, it seems like he's been missing for at least a day or so! Does Steve not even check up on the guy or wonder how his case is going? I mean, seriously, I was annoyed that no one seemed to realize he was gone and being tortured for something he didn't even have.

He did get out of it and sort of got the guy what he wanted. Unfortunately, that just led to another murder and the guy still after Adam because Adam's guy didn't end up having the money he needed after all.

In the end, the team find out that Jared was the one who "killed" the headmaster because Jared was involved in a drug cartel. But it actually was Jared's wife who killed the guy and Jared didn't want to send his wife to prison, so he took the fall instead for it since it was mainly his fault anyway.