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MacGyver "Baer Trap + Mob Boss" Episode Recap

Why do I get the feeling that Matty already knows who broke into her house and she had Bozer stay behind so she could break him?

Yep, the whole team (minus Matty, maybe) knows that Jack broke into Matty's house to find out more info on Mac's dad. Who we now know that Matty was hunting down with the CIA. We are getting more questions then answers at this point, which is only frustrating Mac. But of course Mac doesn't get to go question Matty because they have a new case.

Their new case is to rescue Sergei. He used to work for the mob and wants to come in and be an informant now. However, the CIA tried to get him out and things didn't go well with them. So, now Mac and team get to go in. Easier said then done.

Thanks to Jack. Who seems to be allergic to what, we don't know, but his sneezing is what made this case way harder then it should have been. Now that Sergei is spooked, he runs off and gets kidnapped by not the mob that he worked with, but that someone who wants to use his connections to sell radiation! And where do they just so happened to end up at? Chernobyl of all places.

Bozer gets left behind and is so freaked out to work with Matty and worried that she'll pick up on their secret by just looking at the guy, that he'll probably actually tell Matty something is wrong without him actually saying anything. Just act normal, dude! Of course with all the things Matty is having him do, it's no surprise that he's a bit frightened into thinking she already knows. Knowing Matty and how she was acting, I bet you she already knows. She just wants to get to the weak link (a.k.a. Bozer, sorry buddy) and have someone tell her why they did what they did.

They did make a good point. I trust Matty. I don't know what it is about her, but I do trust her. I think Mac was right. She's hiding this info from him for a good reason. Either to protect him or someone else. But I do believe there's a good reason why she lied to him in the first place. Which again makes me wonder if his dad is in witness protection or something. That would make total sense. 

Oh and what did I tell you guys? I knew that Elwood taking off that glove and leaving prints behind would get them caught! Bozer had the robot delete the proof Matty was looking for. I'm surprised the robot didn't blurt it out once Matty walked in. But I just knew that was bound to come up. That's why you wear gloves!

So now that the team is in Chernobyl and with the paranoid Jack with being in a town like that. Ok, it was pretty creepy and being that close to that kind of stuff, I would be a bit worried too. Maybe not like out there like Jack, but still, it was creepy. Now they have to find Sergei. Good luck because it looks like a huge place.

With a little original sleuthing and disguises, the team eventually find Sergei and get out safely! Or did they? Celebrated just a bit too soon because a the end of the line was the very people Mac and team were saving Sergei from, the mob. As per usual, Mac pulled some his own special powers and made it so that they didn't even want to come near the guys and the finally made it out safely.

Now that they are back home, what's Mac going to do with Matty? I thought that they were going to talk it out, since I am pretty sure that's what Mac said he was going to do when they got back. So I have no clue why Jack told him not to. But man, between Mac and Bozer, I'm not sure who's gonna clue Matty in on what really happened first. Either one of them do not do well in situations like this which is surprising since they do work for a spy agencies.