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MacGyver "Hammock + Balcony" Episode Recap

Mac and Bozer go undercover with Riley and Leanna as happily married couples to get info on Serbian war criminal.

All shows do an episode like this. It's bound to happen. When they pair up romances or soon to be romances together. But it's always fun when they do that. MacGyver put a twist on this common plot, though. Instead of having a couple that may happen work together as a married couple, they put Leanna and Mac together and Riley and Bozer together! Friction comes between the case when Bozer tries to play it cool around Leanna hanging around Bozer's best friend.

It's not long though until Mac realizes what's happening. I'm surprised he didn't pick up on it sooner, but I'm glad he finally did. And he actually respects Bozer and Leanna's relationship and doesn't do anything to comprise it. But does Matty know? That's the million dollar question.

Jack doesn't get to join them on this case, though. He purposefully dislocated his arm so that he could stay behind and do something pretty stupid, but probably for a good reason, hopefully one that won't result in anyone getting fired.

Jill and Elwood team up with him to break into Matty's home and open the safe! Something inside the safe will have something that is very important to helping Mac find his dad. But they aren't as careful as they wanted to be and I'm sorry, but can't you keep the gloves on when you open the safe? Isn't that the whole point in using gloves? Elwood took the gloves off when he opened it! I thought that was pretty stupid because now they are going to know who broke in if they sweep the place for prints. Though Matty seemed to immediately know who it was when she saw the picture. I'm not sure if it was upside down or not, but she knew something was amiss and didn't feel like reporting it after all.

In the end, Matty did end up knowing that Leanna and Bozer were a thing. That's why she included Leanna on the mission to begin with! Why she didn't have Bozer and Leanna team up instead, then, is beyond me. But I'm glad she knows and that she too thinks the rule that you can't see anybody from the training program is stupid. Which makes me wonder, did Matty break that rule too?

The important thing that Jack found ended up being Matty's personal file! It has proof in it that she knew Mac's dad. Why she lied about that, I don't know, but it seems pretty important in searching for his dad. I'm thinking he's undercover or he is in witness protection maybe? That's why it's so hard to find him. Or I guess he could be on the run from some bad people and trying to keep everybody safe. Let's just hope that Matty isn't bad and will be able to help Mac out eventually.