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NCIS "Keep Your Enemies Closer" Episode Recap

The Hicks storyline is officially done and I for one am sad.

Yes, I'm still a fan of NCIS, but the original has kind of lost it's excitement over the years and I felt like they finally got that back with the Hicks storyline. It was original and they actually got some action and stuff I didn't see coming and now that it's done, I don't know what the rest of the season will be like. I was hoping that it was going to last until the season finale, but sadly, no.

Hicks seemed to always be one step ahead of NCIS. He had that way about him that he could sweet talk his way out of anything and he almost did. But not when Gibbs realized that he truly was the killer and possibly destroyed Fornell's career because of what Gibbs did.

However, I love seeing Fornell as a private eye. He seems to enjoy himself way more and he can play by his own rules. I am glad Gibbs finally told Fornell the truth about Hicks and they became a team again. They work better together.

Poor McGee. He was put in an awful situation, but it was kind of made good in the end? Remember good ole' Triff? He has some intel on Hicks and the only way to get it out of him is if NCIS meets his needs. He has some weird obsession with McGee and his apartment and the only way he'll talk is if he gets to go there one more time. I for one, didn't see him actually saving McGee's life in the end.

I wasn't shocked at all that the gate ended up not being locked. We aren't sure how long it was unlocked or why Triff didn't escape when he could have. But he ended up saving McGee's life when Hicks came to finish him and Triff off. That's when Gibbs finally catches this jerk.

Before that, though Hicks kidnapped Fornell. Why he didn't just kill him right then and there and why he didn't go after Gibbs, either, is beyond me, but oh well. For one brief moment, I thought for sure that Fornell was going to die. Gibbs just took his sweet time getting to him.

This may not be the last time we see Hicks, but it more then likely is. I'm just not sure what the rest of the season will be like now. And with Abby leaving the show at the end of the season, it's just going to be way way different. Unless they spice it back up with a romance. They seem to be pairing Nick and Ellie up together and awful lot and I am totally shipping them! But they need a good storyline again. Though I do love romance, it can't carry the show. I just hope they can still get creative with the storylines.