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Riverdale "The Hills Have Eyes" Episode Recap

A weekend getaway gets a little messy with all the secrets coming out into the open.
Of course Cheryl is the first one to blow the secret way out and create drama when she’s not even there! After the happy couples arrive to Veronia's getaway lodge, Cheryl drops a phone call to Jughead letting him know that Archie and Betty kissed over Christmas. Veronica’s idea to clear the air l, I actually liked. I love Bughead, but that Vughead kiss was pretty awesome. Then there’s the whole mess with the ex mayor and Sheriff. Though it wasn’t Josie's place to say, I’m glad she let Kevin know what was going on. He needed to know the truth. I, for one, am glad they are finally talking about this. Hiram you sneaky little thing. He also has a few secrets up his sleeve but when does he ever not? He first wanted the group to take the getaway to get Veronica to safety while he has secret meetings. But it’s not long until Veronica finds out what is going on. Hiram is also the proud new owner of the trailer park and the paper! I bet you that’s why he didn’t want Veronica there. Not to keep her safe but to keep her away from warning her friends about what was going to happen. 

Because let’s be honest, she probably was a lot safer there then she was at the lodge. Remember that cute shop owner? Well, he ended up trying to rob Veronica and her friends! It was going to get way messy if she hadn’t of hit the silent alarm in her place and if Andre really had left, who knows what would have happened. Though I was shocked he just up and killed that kid. Chic is getting creepier by the episode! He even threatened Alice and Betty if Jughead didn’t keep his mouth shut about what happened! Threatening Jughead is not the brightest idea he had. I’m really curious to see what they do next with Chic though. Like why does it seem that he invading Betty’s life now? Just weird. Cheryl just needs to move out. Her mom is completely awful her. I couldn’t believe she treated her own daughter like she did! Having a night out st the movies will hopefully be a good thing for Cheryl. Poor Kevin, being a third wheel is really no fun. Especially when you find out that the one person has been lying about a major part of himself. Then Kevin is having to deal with all the stuff about his dad. Poor guy wasn’t having the best time this episode. But it was cute that he and Josie made up and saw the movie together. The only part I wish would have been better was the break in. I was hoping the real Black Hood wouldve made an appearance but he didn’t yet. I’m sure it’s coming though.