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Scorpion "Dork Day Afternoon" Episode Recap

Their newest mission? To get Toby and his sperm off to the clinic on time! But as always, they run into some sort of problem.

Walter decides to go to the bank to get make a deposit on the way to the clinic and of course the bank they go to just so happens to be getting robbed at the same time. Being Team Scorpion, they get stuck right in the middle too.

The episode this week, I guess was a miss for me. Sure, it was funny and it had good action, but it was a little too cheesy for me. Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that Happy and Toby are trying to do everything they can to get pregnant and I can't wait to see Happy as a mother, but some of the stuff in this episode, was just like, really? Like when Toby wanted to send his sperm in the tube system.

I do love the Ralph and Sly friendship that's forming. It is so cute. Trying to encourage Sly and then pointing things out wrong when Sly does them. Like when he thought he had asked Flo out on a date. He did need to be more direct. What it sounded like was just two friends getting a bite to eat. Nothing special like the way Sly wanted it. I hope something becomes of Flo and Sly. They are too cute together. Let's just hope nothing ever, ever, happens with Walter and Flo. Just please no!

Oh Walter, I loved seeing the fact that you showed signs of regret and feeling sorry that this was kind of your fault. Ok, the bank getting robbed wasn't Walter's fault, but the fact that they actually had to stop at the bank was. It's nice that he's showing those signs now instead of just being about the job and getting things done and he doesn't care who he hurts in the process. By the end of the episode, Walter and Toby both felt like they were to blame for almost not getting to the clinic on time.

Then there's Happy. She's thrilled about finally becoming a parent, but at the same time, she's getting worried. I've had those moments. Where you hype it up and are so excited, but then once it's becomes reality, you wonder if you are going to be good or if it's the right thing to do. Paige came to the rescue again by proving to Happy that she'll make a good parent and of course another awesome one liner from Toby "They just gave us one?!". Not exactly how it works there, Toby. 

Yet again, Walter almost gets killed by getting caught when he was trying to get everybody out to safety. At least Toby got a break in this episode. But of course, they all get out fine and to the clinic just in time.