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The Flash "Enter FlashTime" Episode Recap

A nuclear bomb goes off and Barry tries desperately to stop it.

It's frustrating when I get writer's block on an episode that was so amazing as this one! I just can't seem to put it into words at how much I loved this episode. From Barry trying to save the city, to Jessie coming back for a little bit and not to mention the fact that Killer Frost might actually care to what happens to Caitlin?

That always happens to me, though. An amazing episode and I can't figure out what to say about it. Except that it was just that, amazing. It was totally different and felt like what I loved about The Flash. I did miss Ralph in the episode, though. He could have been the comic relief we needed in such a tense time.

Flashtime is probably my new favorite ability that Barry can do. It's so cool and seems to be very useful. Though people who aren't speedsters can't last too long in the time. Then again, speedsters can't either. Which I guess is a good thing. If they seemed to last forever, it probably wouldn't make it very realistic. It totally came in handy in this episode.

Jessie and Jay come back for an appearance in this episode. Yep, it was that bad of an event that they needed all hands on deck! Why they didn't bring Wally, I don't know. But it was still nice to have that bunch together again.

A nuclear bomb goes off that Barry has to stop before it destroys the city. But how? Everything he tried didn't work and he was slowly running out of speed, which meant, running out of time. I thought all hope was lost until Barry went to talk to Iris. He thought he was saying goodbye to her, but she actually is the one that came up with the plan. Get the speed force and have lightening bolts from that to go destroy the bomb!

Which makes Barry realize two things. One thing I think he already knew. That Iris always makes things clear in a tough situation. And that Barry does need to step back and wait until the next time Devoe goes to his secret time and try to catch him in the act. 

I should have known that all hope wasn't lost in this episode. That Barry (or well Iris in this situation) would come up with a solution and save the city. He couldn't let his whole family and friends and people he doesn't even know die. It seemed like some turning points for characters in this episode, too.

Harry for one, finally "talked" to Jessie about her mother. And what I mean by that is that he created a device using what he made for Cecile, so that Jessie could read his mind and find out why it's so hard to talk about her mother. It was a sweet and touching moment. Glad they made up. It always seemed like they were butting heads with stuff.

Then there's Killer Frost. Who actually seemed worried about Caitlin getting hurt?! Yeah, that's a new one. I wonder what changed in her? Is she going soft? Then there's the fact that Caitlin actually remembers what happened during the time she was Killer Frost! Which is a complete first for Caitlin. In a way, it makes me worried. Does that mean there's something wrong with Killer Frost, or does this just mean that doing things for good instead of bad is helping Killer Frost become human and realize the situations around her?

Who is the crazy little teenager they keep bumping into? She seems so fun and random whenever we see her. I hope we know her story soon! Though I do have a theory on who she probably is.

So yeah, even though date night got completely ruined for Iris and Barry, I think they finally did manage to get some alone time after all, since Barry is kind of on bed rest until he feels better. He went through quite a lot in this episode. Even though it was challenging, it was probably the best Flash yet and can't wait to see what else is in store for us!