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The Flash "Subject 9" Episode Recap

Just when you think they can finally defeat Devoe, he's is still somehow one step ahead of them.

At this point, I'm almost losing hope that they will ever defeat this guy. The way Barry is acting too is making me worried. Let's hope this isn't why that one future Barry happened. Sure Barry becomes obsessed with villains, but he needs to back up a little and stop pushing people so hard. I'm just afraid it'll end badly if he keeps that up.

I shouldn't lose hope in Team Flash, though. They've been through worse. Hey, last season I actually thought Iris was gonna die and she ended up not, so yeah, there's still hope out there that they will indeed finish Devoe off. I'm just glad that Barry is out of jail now so he can actually do stuff again.

But not all is going back to normal for Mr. Barry Allen. Sure, he got out of jail, but some people don't think he should have his job back. They don't quite believe that Devoe is alive. Which I don't get why they can't. I mean, the Chief said it "People will believe just about anything". So why is it so hard to change their minds then? Devoe is alive, they just can't totally prove what he's doing. I'm not even sure why he needs all these powers. I get the body thing. He doesn't last long in each body, but what's his plan?

Ralph and Izzy, how cute were they together? Here Ralph hated country music. Here I was thinking that Izzy was their ticket to get to Devoe. But once again, Barry pushed too hard and their ticket out just walked right into a trap for Devoe after all. I doubt we will ever see the original Izzy again. It seems like once Devoe is done with them, they are dead. Which so sad, I was actually liking her too and I'm with Ralph "I hate country music!".

Ok, who else loved the whole Harry/Cecila thing? It was so cute that Harry felt like he needed friends his own age. It's about time he realized that! Must be hard working with people 10 times younger then you. Well, actually, I've been there and it is hard. Ok, maybe not that big of an age gap, but it's still hard no matter what the age gap is. I think it'll be good for him. It already seems to be helping with his anger management issues. So sad that he and his daughter don't seem to be doing well, though. Hopefully he'll take Cecila's advice and try to patch things up.

Though I love Cecila's powers, I mean, it has helped Team Flash a couple of times out of some difficult situations, I'm glad that Harry was able to build something for her. Mainly so she could finally get some sleep, but it was a cute thing for him to do. I'm glad that they never got rid of Harry. Sure, I've liked the other versions we've had of him in the past (except the bad one, of course), but this Harry is the best.

Ok, the only thing that annoyed me in the episode is the fact that Barry revealed himself to yet another person. Sure, it ended not turning out the way they'd hope and the secret is still safe, but what is one of those reveals isn't a good thing? I just don't get why he feels the need to show his identity to everybody they try to take on. Someone is bound to leak the info at some point.

Sadly, Devoe ended up getting Izzy and taking her right in front of Ralph! Let's just say he didn't take things well. I don't know how I would have acted in that situation either. I'm glad he's still sticking with the team, though.

Ralph is one of those characters I just really had to get used to. He was so annoying and in the way when we first met him. But now he's like one of my favorite characters. Ok, it probably ended up being this episode where I really started to like him. Because he offered Barry a job at his PI! I can totally see them teaming up together! They will make an awesome partnership!