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Riverdale "Brave New World" Episode Recap

The season is finally come to a close and it looks like we are done with the Black Hood story. Of course, I would have kind of liked to have had it last a little longer, but at the same time, it's nice that they move on with story lines so quickly.

First off, the burning question most fans had after last weeks cliffhanger. Is Jughead alive? I really wasn't sure how they were going to go in the show. Since I do know that he dies in the comics. And for a split second, you think that reality came true when you see Betty, Archie and Veronica at his grave. Thank goodness that was just a dream and right after Betty said "Come back to me, our story isn't over" Jug woke up and I have never been more happy to hear his voice. Oh and btw, Fangs is alive! FP only said that he was dead to try to rally the Serpents together to fight.

The candidates for Mayor and Student President are in full swing, but it looks like everybody ends up dropping out for the school President, at first. The only person that was left running was Ethel and I don't think she would have made a very good one at all.

One of my favorite parts of the episode is the fact that the core four were once again working together. Not at each others throats like they have been basically all season. It was so nice to have some peace amongst all the chaos. And believe me, there was plenty of chaos to go around.

We find out that Penelope and Claudius are working secretly with Hiram. I was shocked, but I wasn't at the same time. Of course Hiram is working with them. He's got his hooks in on everybody big bad this town has ever had. Even had someone working as a second Black Hood.

Yes, Hal, was the original. But Tall Boy was the one who did the shooting at the debate and shot Fred again! Shouldn't have been surprised by that either because like Jughead said "He's worked with Hiram before". To be honest, I actually was a little surprised he was the second shooter.

The poor Coopers. Haven't they been through enough this season? I mean, first Chic, then Betty trying to ward this evil off inside her and now their father/husband is the towns big bad? Alice is in an awful state. Which I'm actually kind of glad she's taking this hard. I know that sounds harsh, but if this was season 1 Alice, she would have blown it off like it was nothing and gone back to doing regular stuff. Alice has shown so much progress with letting her true feelings out. It's been fun to see. 

Anybody else suddenly not trust Polly, like at all? Ok, a part of me has always not trusted Polly. But the big red flag in my head went fully up when Polly suggested that that creepy guy that helped Polly through her state of when she first got to the farm and then that smile? Red flags everywhere! Is Hiram in on this too or is this a new story the writers are developing? I repeat myself, haven't the Coopers suffered enough already?

From day one, I never really liked the Serpents. They were a gang and a gang that was just misunderstood and I realize that now. It probably helps that Jughead I think has tried to turn them around and that we've gotten to know them. I felt awful for them in this episode when everything was getting taking away from them. That some of them had run off or joined the Ghoulies or have gone into hiding. Again, Jughead was amazing and is the one who pulled the group back together.

Which is only fitting that FP stands down and finally retires and hands the reins over to Jughead! Yep, Jug is officially in charge and I think he'll be the best leader they've ever had. I mean, not only did Jug pull the gang back together, he and Archie and the whole school managed to save the Serpents from getting banned. 

So everything seems to be falling into place. Archie wins for Student Body President (guess he decided not to quit after all?). However, Hermione wins as Mayor. I'd fear for my life if I was her with having a husband like Hiram. I loved the fact that she went over and made up with Fred. 

Betty goes to see Hal after all. Saying that this darkness in their family has ended with him. Big surprise he says it hasn't and that she'll be back to see him again. I'm sure that probably will be the case knowing how shows go, but I'm hoping it won't happen.

Veronica sets a deal with Hiram to get the Chocolate shop back so her friends have their original hangout, but it could cost her everything in the end. I don't think she cares at this point. Hiram could disown her and I think she'd do just fine. She may want revenge later on, but Veronica will thrive without him. 

Cheryl officially joins Serpents and of course, her jacket is red. Who didn't love that scene? Jughead also officially asks Betty to be a Serpent too! Then Archie decides to face Hiram alone and threaten him. Really, Archie, really? And look at where this gets you. Cheryl also takes back her life. Putting Nana in charge and cutting her parents/uncle loose. 

Hiram has his hands on all the big baddies this town has ever seen. Again, big shocker right? Hiram wants to take this town over piece by piece. With all the evil cronies he has working for him, what damage will he cause? Is Hermione truly safe or is she in more danger then she knows? If I was her, I'd divorce the guy and never look back.

Riverdale always has the best cliffhangers and I was wondering what was gonna happen. For a split second, I was thinking the Black Hood was gonna rise again, but I think that story is been there done that with the show.  Everything had fallen into place and I just knew something awful was going to happen and that something came in the form of Hiram already getting his revenge on Archie for threatening him. Now they have another mystery to solve called "Trying to get Archie out of jail".  Yep, good old Hiram had Archie arrested for killing someone! We all know who the real killer is, but here's hoping Jug, Betty and Veronica are already on the case.