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Riverdale "Judgement Day" Episode Recap

Ok, I've gotta talk to someone, anyone (ok preferably a fan of the show) about this episode. No one in my house is as caught up as I am and they'd either have no clue what I was talking about or I'd spoil it for them. This was such a tense episode and man, that ending! I just need to vent/talk/review it out!

I knew something bad happened to someone. Each scenario we came across, I was thinking "Oh, I bet it's gonna be them". First off, let me just say I'm glad nothing happened to Cheryl and man she's amazing isn't she? Don't make her mad or else you'll get an arrow in your chest or worse. I love how she took charge of that situation. On a side note, where was her mom in that whole scene?

Not sure how I felt about the whole town rioting. I mean, over Reggie on the run and Fangs getting shot? I guess it was mainly SouthSide Serpents making the rioting, but still, I didn't quite understand how it just so happened to blow the whole town up. But oh well. Only detail I didn't like about the episode. I am glad that Reggie ended up not being the shooter. For a second there, I didn't think Archie had gotten to him in time. 

I've loved Veronica since day one. She's my favorite. And I'm hoping that she'll get less hate now. But I doubt that'll happen. I believe she's come around. Not that she was ever really lost. I'm just glad that she's the one who pulled the wool off of her mother's eyes and let her realize what a monster her husband really is. I feel awful for Veronica, but I knew she always suspected something and I'm glad they finally have proof that Hiram is truly just a jerk. I mean, wanting to put his wife in danger just to win an election? He put them in danger again when the son of the guy Hiram had killed came looking for revenge. Thank goodness Hermione knows how to shoot a gun. 

That was the second time I thought, oh it's going to be Veronica now because of this whole scene. But nope, they made it out just fine. So by now I'm wondering who in the world gets hurt? I mean, it could be Betty because she's stuck in her home with a psychopath. Which would give the logical reasoning on if she got hurt. But again, nope. 

Yep, Hal is the Black Hood! All the signs were there and I just did not want to believe it. Like Alice, I don't believe his reasoning at all. Ok, yes, he wanted to rid the town of sinners, but was he gonna kill everyone? I mean, how big of a sin was he thinking? Because hello as Alice pointed out, he stepped out on their marriage with Penelope! So, how does he go about judging? That was a big plot hole that just makes me wonder if there's more to the story then we realize.

Then there's the whole question as to who shot Fred and went after him again? The third time I thought, oh I bet you it's Fred or Archie that get hurt that everyone is so upset about. Who else was relieved when Fred pulled up his shirt to reveal a bullet proof vest? I know I was!

I love it how in all of this mess, that Jughead has turned to Archie to try to calm everybody down and vice versa. Though it didn't help at all because there was a much bigger hand in the mix, it was still nice to see them work together again. This is the Archie I like. Someone who isn't Hiram's shadow. I feel like we got the old Archie back. I hope Veronica let's Archie know how awful Hiram really is.

Penny is back! Big shocker. I knew she was coming and I wasn't at all shocked to see her. Ok, I kind of was, but not really. She was pretty angry for what Jughead did to her. This is where we find out the truth. I wondered why Hiram ran away. Yep, he ran away before all of this really even started. Ok, maybe he wasn't running away. He was just going to meet up with Penny! He offered her who knows how much money in order to turn Riverdale into a riot town! The awful Ghoulies are back too. Ok, who came up with these names? 

Now comes the real awful truth. On who got hurt and why everybody on social media was upset last night. My brave favorite character. Jughead. He knew this was kind of his fault. That Penny really wanted just him for the stuff he did to her. Man, this is even hard to write. Penny had the Ghoulies beat up Jughead! Like we don't even know if he's dead or alive! Thank goodness FP found Jughead in the woods. But my heart sank at the site of him. Please please, don't let my favorite character be dead! 

Topic Questions:

  • Do you think Jughead is dead? I know he dies in the comics, but do you think that such a beloved character, they'd kill him off?
  • Do you think Hal is the true Black Hood or is someone else in charge and he's taking the fall? I kind of get what he was thinking, but some of his story didn't really add up.
  • Do you think Hal/Black Hood shot Fred again or was it someone Hiram hired?
  • Are you sad Fangs died?
  • What was your favorite scene?