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MacGyver "K9 + Smugglers + New Recruit" Episode Recap

Hello Desi!

After a very surprising and somewhat awkward introduction, I mean, she broke into Mac's house and scared him half to death when he got out of the shower. Talk about awkward. Once they get through their awkward introduction, we come to find out that each team member (besides Matty -- smart move though) had the same awkward introduction.

When I found out that Jack was leaving, I had my doubts on the replacement. But after meeting Desi last week, my doubts went out the window. Yes, I'll miss Jack a lot and his stupid little jokes and his over protectiveness with Riley and his movie references, but Desi is fun. She seems a little rough around the edges, but if there's any team that will smooth it over, this is the one for her.

We learn that Desi hates guns. She carries them, yes, but she only uses them if necessary and one of those times is when a person tries to hurt a dog. Yep, their new case is to protect a gun sniffing dog from getting kidnapped by someone who they thought wanted to hurt the dog, but they ended up wanting to see how they could hide guns and who knows what else into the country.

Bozer and Leanna seem to be happily back together again. I was still a bit confused as to that episode when we learned they weren't moving in together. But this episode didn't clear up to if they are or aren't. All Bozer said is that he wished they could get a dog someday together and she agreed. 

Desi keeps secrets and she's gonna learn fast that that can't happen with this team. They are a tight family that shares everything together. Or Riley is bound to turn it somehow. But Desi kept a secret for the right reason from her transcript. We learned that she was missing all that time because she was helping a family out that she had bonded with. Sure, she left her team mates behind, but still, she did it to help out a family. 

We don't know why she owes Jack a favor. Both Jack and Desi are secretive on this. I'm sure it'll eventually come out in the open, but for now, it'll just be their little secret.

I'm glad Desi made an appearance at the get together at the end. But like I said, she's rough around the edges and doesn't seem to bond to people very fast. That's where Jack and Desi are completely different. But give it time, Desi will be spending whole bunch of time at Mac's place sooner or later. Yes, I can't be the only one who saw those sparks like fly off my screen when Mac and Desi first met. That could be awkward, but I can totally see it becoming a thing. And who didn't love the fact that Matty is actually the one who snuck up on her at the end? Well played, Matty, well played.