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NCIS "She" Episode Recap

Is Ziva coming back? That's the question on everyone's mind after watching this episode.

After finding a very unhealthy little girl, hidden in a shed and scared to death, the team gets handed a cold case that ends up being very personal. This poor little girl seems to be afraid of everyone. Well, guys mostly. Ellie and Jack seem to take a liking to her immediately and they are the only ones who can get info out of her.

Ellie goes off on her own and breaks a very important rule. Rule #10, don't get personally involved in a case. Too late for anyone when this cold case leads back to something Ziva first worked on back in her day.

It was awesome getting to walk down memory lane and to see that Ziva is still really never forgotten. And I had no clue that Ziva and Jimmy were very close. I know Ellie broke a rule, but I believe Gibbs was hurt to the fact that Ziva held something back like this from him and so he was just frustrated and taking it out on Ellie. But she stood her ground and it actually paid out in the end. And just a side note, but I love it that Gibbs is still not over Ziva leaving/dying.

Let's not forget the rest of the team, though. So cute that Cassie picks a random day to give a gift to someone. But wow, how in the world does she remember all those little things someone says in passing? But each gift was specially designed for them. Except for Nick and he couldn't figure out why he wouldn't get a thoughtful gift. Come to find out that Cassie couldn't recall him ever mentioning anything he truly wanted and so she figured people always need an empty jar for something so that's why she gave it to him and he indeed used it at the end.

Ellie tracks down a hidden office that Ziva had. Ziva wrote down literally everything. It all effected her way more then she let on. I think that was what was most upsetting to the team. That she kept this part of herself hidden and that she tried to finish the cold case before she left, but that never happened.

Until now. Thanks to Ellie not giving up, she's the one who actually found the right house in the end and being the "superman" the little girl needed to get her mother back.

I believe this episode was a first for Gibbs. I never, ever thought Gibbs would actually get rid of a rule. I know he's added them, but I never thought he'd take one away. But he did. He actually got rid of rule #10 because it is a stupid rule. Sometimes you have to get emotionally involved in the case. It happens on purpose, you can't really stop yourself from doing it.

Then comes the most shocking moment of all. I knew Ellie wouldn't go and off the bad guy who kept the poor girl and her mother hostage all that time, but just read him the letter she wanted to. Come to find out that someone had actually done that just minutes before she got to the room. That's when the best news ever hit me.

Ziva is alive! I'm not sure how she found all this info out. Knowing Ziva she probably had hidden cameras in her office and it alerted to her of the intrusion into the place. I can totally see that happening. That note at the end "For my family's safety, please keep our little secret". Who knows if Tony and their daughter know if she's alive or not. So it sounds like to me, that Ziva faked her death and went on the run and into hiding. I for one, would love it if Ziva came back. The show has not been the same without her and Tony of course.