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Suits "Whale Hunt" Episode Recap

Lies, an almost affair and Donna has a new man in her life. Quite an episode we had this past week.

So far, I'm enjoying the rest of season 8. Almost more then the first half. I love seeing Louis in charge. It took him 8 seasons, but he's finally sort of getting the respect he's deserved all along and a happy storyline. Sure, he and Harvey butt heads still, but they always have, I doubt that's going away any time soon.

Speaking of Louis and Harvey butting heads, their newest argument is the fact that Louis wanted/needed Harvey to sign a new client and since Harvey is the best closer in the city, naturally, Louis went to him for help. Only to find out that Harvey in fact lied about the whole meeting. That it didn't go as planned and Harvey won't stand down. By now you'd think Louis would realize that this is Harvey being Harvey. However, he needed Zane's words of wisdom to help him realize that Harvey is in fact treating Louis with respect, just his own way. 

Ugh, Katrina and Brian. Where do I begin? I knew this was gonna be bad the first time they had a small little moment. I was with Donna at first, I thought it was all in Katrina's head, but when they had the almost moment in his apartment, I knew my original thinking was gone. Bravo for Katrina for putting a stop to it. It's very very hard, but it's the right thing to do. I'm not sure how long that'll last because it's clear Brian feels things for Katrina, too, but I'm glad Katrina is trying her best to put a stop to it. They need to send her a character that is unmarried, that would be a perfect match for her.

Speaking of relationships. Donna has a new man in her life. One I am totally against, by the way. Only because I ship her and Harvey big time. Will us fans ever get that? At this point, I kind of doubt it, but they might surprise us. That look when Gretchen told Harvey that Donna had a date that night was pure jealously and a little hurt at finding out from someone else. Granted, that conversation would have been weird, but you'd think Donna would have thought to have told Harvey since I'm sure he was the one that was standing in the way of her accepting until Gretchen just told her to just do it.

Ok, the guy isn't bad at all and he's totally Donna's type all the way. Their date was cute and I'm glad Donna got a chance to actually unwind from work and have fun. She doesn't get that very often. I'm sure even if she was with Harvey, all they do is talk about work. But I'm thinking/hoping/wishful thinking that this will be the spark that Harvey needs to finally admit that even though they work together, they can still be a couple.

We finally get to see Alex's wife! I really applaud Alex for not mixing business with pleasure with his wife since he knows in the past it hasn't gone over well at all. I'm not sure if his wife made the right decision by accepting the money, but Alex is right, even a little money is better then being flat out poor.