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The Flash "Goldfaced" Episode Recap

Oh Nora what have you gotten yourself into?

I really believe that Thawne is pulling Nora's leg on this one. However, I'm not totally sure what his plan is at this point or why he wants to capture Cicada before Barry does. But I know that it involving the WestAllen family can't be a good thing. Yes, people can change, but something is telling me Thawne isn't one of those people who can change.

Nora's new mission is to try to get Sherloque, who is on her tail and about to learn who she is working with, off her tail. The way to do that is love. Nora didn't find it odd that Thawne knew the exact person who would distract Sherloque? Sure he gave that weird excuse saying that he knew what Sherloque Wells would like since he technically is a Wells, but that seemed just a bit odd to me that he knew the exact person. Maybe I'm just reading into it too much.

And I'm sorry but shouldn't Nora also realize the fact that Thawne is really nervous about the family finding out their plan on catching Cicada is a bad thing? Something else I found fishy. Why would he be so worried about that getting out into the light? I mean, more hands make for a less load. You'd think he'd want all the help he could get on catching Cicada. So yeah, there's a bunch of things that don't add up in the Thawne "turning good and wanting to help" plan at all. Plus, my gut is telling me he's bad news. Most of the time, my gut is right.

Finally, we get Iris as a reporter! It only took half the season, but it finally happened! But once again, it landed her in a very sticky situation. I'm not sure if finding the house where Cicada lives was the exact place she wanted to find herself in, but it was and for a second, I thought it wasn't going to end well. 

No Cisco and still no Joe in this episode. I know Joe is coming back soon and I actually really miss him. Ok, I didn't mean for that to sound like a surprise or sarcastic but I do. Though Ralph is the one who breaks the tension with his comic relief, I do miss Cisco a lot and I really hope that those rumors that he's leaving aren't true.

Caitlin and Cisco are very close to finding a cure for Cicada and for perhaps Metahumans in general. In a way, I'm kind of happy that they are making this because then they can give the evil people a cure and the people who don't even want them a chance to be normal again. But at the same time, it could also land in the wrong hands and cause major trouble for them.

Barry and Ralph have to go in undercover to get a weapon that could help with this whole thing, but things get real sticky real fast. Mainly because big surprise, Barry couldn't stop being a cop/hero (but that's why we love Barry, right? Always the hero, never the villain) when he learned of the gun that could basically wipe out the whole police station and sent red flags to the guys in charge. Again, another duo who thought on their feet and saved the day. It's always fun watching Ralph and Barry work together, but again, I miss Cisco and Barry together too. Nothing can replace the original no matter how hard they try.