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Supergirl "Will The Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up?" Episode Recap

Synopsis: Kara and Lena head to Kaznia to hunt down Lex. However, Eve Tessmacher sets a trap for the duo.

Kara and Lena find plenty of info in the warehouse that Lex owns and what his plans are. For once, they know everything. But why do I have a feeling that Lex is still one step ahead of them? Lex wants to have Kaznia attack America. We still don't know why or what his motives would be. But now everybody knows about the Red Daughter. Kara looked pretty conflicted when she found the Red Daughter's room with all the pictures. Surprise surprise, there's a little trap for them. Eve! Well, sort of. Not really Eve, I'm not even sure what that was that was there. Just a diversion to try and keep them there so that they could blow them up, but Kara/Supergirl wasn't gonna let that happen. Not only is that going on, but Kara is also trying to make it so that Lena doesn't find out who Kara really is. She was just about to tell her, but then decided not to because Kara couldn't put Lena through that betrayal again. Since I think I already saw a spoiler, I think someone else beats Kara to the truth. Big surprise there.

Poor Alex. She had a rough time during this episode. One minute, she finds out she's gonna be a mom, finally! I'd actually forgotten about the fact that she had filed the papers for adoption since it was never mentioned again. But out of the blue, she gets a call saying that a 17 year old is giving birth and only chose one person, Alex, for the mother. At first, Alex has doubts. I guess we all do when the dream we want finally happens. Kelly was there by Alex the whole time since Kara was off in another country. I'm glad Alex had someone. Especially since the mother decided to keep the child after all. Will Alex ever get a happy ending? Between her and Kara, sheesh, no one is really happy right now on the show.

James is having a hard time trying to figure out his powers. Brainy and Nia are right, he should be happy, so I'm not sure why he's having doubts about them or not wanting to test them fully. But then Brainy learns that Ben is at the DEO instead of his wife's funeral, hunting down the killer of his wife. People grieve in different ways, I guess.

I loved seeing Brainy step it up and try to be the big hero. He was doing pretty well. Until Ben realizes that Lena's been working at the DEO to develop the very drug that gave James superpowers and now Ben wants to have a go at it. But hello, that kind of turns Ben into the very thing he hates, doesn't it? I guess I can't look too closely at the details. Even though Brainy does amazing at trying to talk Ben out of it and to tell him to be with his son after all and leaving his wife's funeral in the middle of it, that's interrupted by the fact that they finally found the killer.

This whole mess makes Ben take the serum anyways. So now this hunter of aliens, has powers. That is not a good combination at all. Especially someone as angry as Ben is. Ben realizes way too late that he should have been with his son after all. Well, this was thanks to a special appearance by the Martian Manhunter who had to save the day and stop them from interrogating the rest of the aliens who did nothing wrong. By the time Ben gets to his son, his son is super angry at him and will never forgive him. I mean, his son is right. If this stuff with Ben and the aliens hadn't gotten started, then his mother probably would still be alive. 

Now that Kara and Lena are back in the states, Kara tells James all the info they found out and what she plans on doing next. So at least someone knows where Kara goes to. I knew something was off when Kara went to see the President. Especially when he sent his guards out. He first off, didn't sound surprised at all by the fact that Kaznia wanted to start a war with the USA. Then he also didn't seem surprised at all that there was another Supergirl, but a bad version. And of course, Kara gets kidnapped. I doubt where she's going, she'll be able to use any of her powers, though.