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What Am I Rewatching: "Episode" 1

So I've been rewatching NCIS and figured it'd be fun to blog my journey about it. Too bad though that I didn't think of doing this back in season 1 because now I'm on season 10. But season 10 has been my favorite so far so that's what made me realize maybe I should start doing this.

It's been so long since I've rewatched from the beginning and I've loved doing it. It's been hard to relive all the deaths and stuff on the show, but it's still been fun. Pretty soon, I'll have to do the hardest goodbye yet. Saying goodbye to Ziva. I don't know which goodbye has been the hardest. It's her's or Tony's. 

But my current episode I just rewatched was "Detour" and so far it's my favorite episode. I forgot how exciting it was and I loved seeing Jimmy and Ducky's friendship in full detail. How close they are and the fact that Jimmy wouldn't leave Ducky's side at all. 

Now here's some back story on the episode for those who haven't watched it in a while:

"Ducky and Jimmy are kidnapped from a crime scene and forced to perform an autopsy on the victim."

Everybody is amazing in this episode, but the spotlight is really on Jimmy and Ducky. Their friendship doesn't get shown too much and it was the main focus point. Because of their friendship, they were able to survive.

Season 10 has been my favorite season so far. I forgot the depth it went through and the growth all the characters have had. I'll be sad to see it end soon. 

What season/episode has been your favorite? Or what show are you currently binging? Let me know in the comments below!