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What Am I Rewatching: NCIS Version "Episode 2"

Continuing with my rewatch, today I watched "Prime Suspect" and although I didn't totally remember the episode itself, there were a few things I did remember and again, my feelings haven't really changed on the subjects.

Gotta love the Dorneget/Tony storyline this episode had. McGee did try to warn Dorneget that Tony would pull the probie card and pull all sorts of stuff when they go on their work trip to the Caribbean. Dorneget says "Oh I can handle it", but surprise surprise, Tony pulls out all the stops and I don't think Dorneget could handle it. And of course I forgot about the epic prank Vance decided to pull on Tony when he learned that Tony made Dorneget believe that he was gonna have to do a test that hasn't been issued for a while now.

I never get tired of seeing Gibbs go to any length to help out a friend find out if their son is the serial killer that has now resurfaced after 3 years. Yes, the son does look like the guy and the timeline sort of matches up and he's been acting strange, but that doesn't make him out to be a killer and thank goodness that was right.

Not much else to say about the episode. Except for the fact that I still think it's cool that Vance went to Gibbs instead of his grief meeting. Their friendship has probably gotten stronger this season then it has in the past.