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What Am I Rewatching Shadowhunters Version "Episode 1"

Ok, no big surprise now that I got super behind on a show.
Well that and I was rereading the books so it got confusing on where I was at in the show because as you all know, they hardly follow the books, like at all. But now I'm on 2x15. Since I am in a blogging mood, I thought I'd do a rewatch version of this show too.

This is the episode where we truly start to see the real Sebastian come out. Ok, last episode we saw who he really was, of course I knew all along, but that's besides the point. Where do we even begin with how twisted he is? From burning his hand with the iron, to keeping the real Sebastian kidnapped to being the one who is in charge of somehow doing a switch a roe with Valentine when they go to move him to Alicante.

Not only is that going on, poor Simon is going through his first heart break. Oh man, I've been there. It's still awful to relive this moment. Especially since it's my favorite character. Knowing everything works out for him, it doesn't make it as sad, but I still don't like seeing him heartbroken. Then the worst words ever "I think I need my space". I remember feeling heartbroken myself when he uttered those words.

Not only is he having to do that, but he's also trying to figure out his worst nightmare. Did he really kill someone? I didn't like Luke's new partner the first time and that feeling hasn't changed. I don't really get the point of her, but oh well. She learned her lesson, sort of, in involving herself with Luke's business.

So yeah, my feelings haven't really changed with my rewatch. Still an awesome episode. I know it's bad that I do like Sebastian. He's just an awesome and well written bad guy. 

What has been your favorite Shadowhunters episode? Have you binged watched it yet or stopped watching? I'd love to know your opinions.